Vaimo's eCommerce toolbox

Take a look at the tools we use in Vaimo to bring our clients world class eCommerce solutions. Our dedicated products & tools department have developed Aja, Spooky, Server Portal but we also use the best of breed tools used by many other software development companies around the world.


  • Aja is our development tool that helps developers locally, pushes code into the delivery pipeline and performs the final deploy.
  • Written in Python, developed in-house.
  • Uses "Composer" under the hood.
  • Assembles the final site from all our modules.
  • Ensures that what goes live is exactly what we defined.
  • Works with Magento 1 and 2.
  • Read more about Aja in our blog post.


  • Server Portal is our tool for installing/updating/monitoring all our client sites.
  • Plays a very important role in our everyday development work.
  • Helps us keep track of all our more than 300 servers and lets us easily find where projects are located. 


  • Spooky is built by Vaimo for automating CasperJS.
  • Keeping track and showing statistics on business critical user flows.
  • Automates testing of key flows which saves a significant amount of time.
  • Helps us keep tabs on the quality and stability of the site compared to the pre-set KPI-s.

  • Jira is the best practise project management backlog tool we use to keep track of the work related to projects.
  • Allows us to work with scrum and kanban. 
  • Creating new tasks & issues with just a few clicks.
  • Lets our developers collaborate with each other easily.
  • Helps us break down tasks to build products more efficiently.
  • Improves project transparency. 

    • Jenkins is an open source continuous integration tool.
    • Build automation trigger for Aja.
    • Runs automated tests on the modules and sites.
    • If the tests are successful, packages the result to be ready for deployment.

    • This is a great tool we use as a link between our clients and their PM-s.
    • Eliminates need for constant check-up e-mails and calls.
    • Clients can keep tabs on their project's progress.
    • Prioritise tickets you want.
    • Approve estimates set by the delivery team.
    • See backlog of the work.

    • Zendesk is our platform for customer service and support.
    • Clients can submit a question or a bug ticket.
    • Via e-mail, web interface
    • Check ticket status & history of tickets trough the web interface.

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