We’ve published a new White Paper on Aja, our development tool built in-house and written in Python. Essentially, Aja assists developers locally, drives code into the delivery pipeline, and carries out the final deployment. Online merchants who use the Magento platform know that it’s challenging to develop and deploy Magento in a quick and sure-fire manner.

Our White Paper talks about and tackles the following points:

  • The challenges that arise because Magento development covers many different areas of work and expertise.
  • The Aja design principles: continuous delivery, technical reliability, and extensive benefits.
  • Streamlining local development through Composer workflow, previewing changes before deploy, and the build process.
  • Safe deployments that are fast, atomic and pristine thanks to Aja. We also discuss environments as isolated deployments of a project, and reading changes from the audit trail via Aja.

Aja defines a complete workflow for developing and deploying Magento projects. By automating repetitive and complex tasks, it allows developers to focus their energy on what matters most: creating customer value.

Aja supports the Magento application not only during development, but through its entire life cycle. Functions such as patch management and effortless, trustworthy Magento upgrades keep the Magento system safe and up-to-date with minimal effort.

Aja‘s exceptional attention to the security and transparency of all operations allows fail-proof, recurrent deploys. Instead of fire-fighting after a deploy, developers can continue with the next client requirement.

Read our full white paper here, and also check out CIO Review’s promotion of our white paper.