Features & Modules

  • Administrate with one system

    Administrate with one system

    Analysis & order management

    In Magento you have full order management, with document tracking from order to invoice. With Magento’s reports you can analyze the whole sales process from product sales to canceled orders and customer activity.

    • Dashboard
    • Abandoned carts
    • Top lists
    • Create, edit and cancel orders
    • Change the customer’s cart in real time
    • and much more
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  • Checkout & Payments

    Checkout & Payments

    Safe & simple

    One challenge for you as an e-retailer is to offer a checkout that’s both simple and flexible. With Magento you will have a one-step checkout that can be customized for every shop. We have developed connections to the most popular payment methods on the market.

    • VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Diners etc
    • Klarna Checkout
    • PayPal
    • Direct payment
    • Bank transaction
    • Cash on delivery
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  • CMS


    CMS eCommerce tools

    By combining Magento’s standard CMS tools and Vaimo’s extensions, you will be able to style and customise both the content area and the sidebars of your CMS pages.
    • WYSIWYG editing
    • Control content separately for each individual page
    • Switch WYSIWYG function for HTML or XML coding
    • View the page layout graphically in Admin panel
    • Easy to manage editorial articles, news and press releases
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  • Design & Themes

    Design & Themes

    Appearance matters

    With Magento, you get a platform with an attractive design that works and looks as good in all web browsers and systems. In the basic package you’ll receive a couple of starting kits to choose from, and then we add what makes your shop unique and attractive.

    If you’re a bigger customer and want to completely adapt your store according to your own frames, we’ll naturally arrange that as well.

    • Design and contents developed according to actual CSS principals
    • Flexible tools to update contents and appearance
    • Possibility of creating completely unique appearances
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  • Integration


    Magento and ERP integration

    We have vast experience in integrating Magento to different business systems.
    • e-conomic
    • Enterprise by HansaWorld
    • SAP Business One
    • Visma
    • Sage
    • Sage ERP X3
    • Mamut One Office & Mamut One Enterprise
    • Microsoft Dynamics Nav
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX
    • Specter
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  • Language & Currency

    Language & Currency

    Sell across the borders

    One of many benefits of Magento's e-commerce solution is that the costs of setting up an international sales channel are not high. Are you interested in selling outside of your country’s borders? In Magento you have a web shop platform with support for language- and currency handling. You can create an identical site for every country you sell to and administer everything from the same administrational view.

    • Built to grow
    • Flexible currency handling
    • Support for all currencies
    • Support for different sales tax rules
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  • Mobile Commerce

    Mobile Commerce

    Why M-commerce?

    With affordable availability of smartphones and tablets, more and more people are accessing the web on the go. Consumers expectations of mobile commerce and mobile applications will continue to rise and you as a merchant will be expected to keep up. Developing a successful mobile commerce strategy is in today's world a necessity if you want to take your product or service to where your customers are. We can help you to develop a successful mCommerce strategy on Magento platform.

    • Let customers shop online anywhere at any time
    • Optimise your online store for different mobile devices
    • Improve your customers multi-channel experience
    • Provide consistent brand experience
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  • SEO


    Search engine optimized webshop from the start

    There is an enormous range of webshops on the Internet today. To keep getting new customers it is necessary to have a search engine optimized store. Magento guarantees you the best search routes possible for every product.

    • Clear URL’s for all pages
    • Auto generated sitemap and page titles
    • Integration with Google Analytics
    • Social media connections
    • Integration with WordPress Blog
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  • User Experience

    User Experience

    Convert visitors to customers

    We make your customer find the right product in your store. Top lists, labels, comparisons and reviews make it easy for your customer to choose from a product range.

    • Filter based navigation
    • Quick and effective search function
    • Related products
    • Wish list, labels and reviews
    • Top lists
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