KATRIN PEO - Head of Marketing

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Katrin oversees all areas of the Vaimo group branding, marketing, and communication and thereby develops Vaimo's marketing strategy and drives Vaimo's vision to become the top Magento solution partner in the world. Katrin coordinates the marketing efforts of a diverse pool of Vaimoers from across the world to achieve the company's common goals.

Katrin has worked in an international business environment since 1996 and has spent extensive time traveling, working, and living in a handful of countries, such as Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, South Africa, and Namibia. Katrin knows a thing or two (or three) about sales, and management pertaining to products, projects, partners, and of course, marketing. Along with a good understanding of business processes and ERP systems, Katrin has also been involved in a couple of re-branding processes of international companies. Social media savvy-Katrin is no stranger to Google Analytics and Adwords, and has overseen launch campaigns for new products.

A perfectionist by nature, Katrin is detail-oriented and her eagle eyes catch everything from minute grammatical errors to the sugar content in her latest protein bar. From the time she rises (before the crack of dawn), Katrin energetically and positively tackles the day, from her own marketing team to her two beautiful (and spunky) children. A self-proclaimed health freak, Katrin's day is only complete after a solid workout, like a toning class, roller-blading, or cycling, followed by a homemade healthy dish (she loves cooking) that most likely contains quinoa or lentils. This competitive lady also loves a good round of golf, and looks forward to more golfing adventures when she retires. As a well-rounded individual, Katrin also moonlights as an amateur photographer, and loves reading and traveling.

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