MIKA LENO - Country Manager at Vaimo Finland and Vaimo UAE

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Mika is responsible for sales growth and for helping to deliver good online customer experience with the rest of the Vaimo team to clients in Finland, UAE and in other countries. He is a knowledgeable advisor when it comes to deciding on the right eCommerce solution for your business, helps with seamless project implementations and provides strong commercial support after the launch of an initial site. Mika also works side-by-side with his colleagues from Finland and Dubai to analyse the Vaimo client experience. He feels passionate about working with clients and seeing the growth in their eCommerce businesses.

Mika started computing activities with Vic-20 & C64 and immediately understood that he didn't need a vocational guidance counsellor. Since then, he has completed some assembler & RPG programming, which according to Mika, explains his age on paper. He also possesses a strong background in management and C-level tasks in the ICT-sector. Mika has worked for Canon, Fujitsu, and Accenture. He is familiar with entrepreneurial work and has started a few companies from scratch, such as DataCenter Finland, Digital Value, and Xenetic. Mika is proud to say that his startups are successful enterprises today. 

A self-dubbed "sailor without tattoos," Mika is a sailing enthusiast and fulfilled his dreams when he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean with a friend in 2013. He also participated in the Offshore Sailing World Championships the following year and continues to pursue this hobby, although he does not plan on collecting commemorative tattoos anytime soon. Another passion of Mika's is good food, and he claims it's the best when eaten in good company.

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