BAUHAUS and Vaimo have jointly developed a guide to help BAUHAUS customers purchase conservatories. The comprehensive guide leads the customer through a number of choices that need to be considered in order to purchase the correct product. The design of the room, the type of roof, the dimensions, and the season are all important elements that require expert guidance to ensure accurate functionality.


The next choice includes the selection of windows and sliding or folding doors. Also, depending on choices made, the customer will be faced with additional options that may be mandatory or optional. The guide continually updates the customer with summaries of choices made, and each selection is accompanied by helpful descriptive text and imagery.

The final product, along with accessories, is virtually assembled and may be placed in the shopping cart for online purchase. The final product includes vital documentation, such as drawings, assembly instructions, building permit information, and general information. The customer does not have to buy the product in order to access documentation about it; this can be sent separately to an email address.


The guide is available HERE on the Swedish BAUHAUS website. Please contact us for any further questions.


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