David Holender, Vaimo's CEO, listed as the 8th “digital star” amongst Sweden's 101 Super talents

Swedish Business Journal - Veckans Affärer - has put together a list of 101 young Super Talents of 2015. The talents chosen by Business week are all young (average age of 31) and successful, working as CEOs, chief economists, ministers and high-ranking executives at some of the world’s largest companies. The comprehensive talent list features 7 sub-categories one of which presents the “16 digital stars”. 

We are very proud to announce that David Holender, Vaimo's CEO, is starring on the 8th place among those 16 digital stars thanks to his amazing efforts of both co-founding and running Vaimo. Veckans Affärer points out that under David’s lead Vaimo has grown average of 100% a year and helped many big brands on their eCommerce journey. 

Veckans Affärer grouped the most talented in Super talent 2015 list into following categories: 19 Innovators, 9 Business developers, 19 Careerists, 12 Financial Geniuses, 11 Sustainability supporters and 13 Opinion Leaders.

Read the full original article in Swedish here.

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