Is Your Business Digitally Ready?

The Digital Readiness Assessment provides a standardized framework and effective methodology to capture insights, thereby providing you with an accurate picture of your organization’s digital maturity level and tailored recommendations to help your company grow.

The Assessment covers the following areas:

– Strategy & Execution

– Organization

– Internal Processes

– Customer Data & Analytics


What is the the Digital Readiness Assessment?

Our digital readiness assessment framework helps you pinpoint your current digital capabilities and performance levels. Understanding your strengths and areas to improve will help you prioritize your organizational focus areas to accelerate your digital strategy and initiatives.

What are the Benefits of the Digital Readiness Assessment?

When planning for the future, it’s essential to grasp your current situation. Our Readiness Assessment highlights the gaps between where your company is today and where you want to be in the future.

Highlighting the gaps between your vision for your organization and the current digital maturity level will help determine which projects and activities will help you reach your goals.

The two key benefits of the assessment are:

  • Capturing insights
  • Paving the way for change management and digital transformation

Different specialists at Vaimo collaborate on your Readiness Assessment and serve as change ambassadors to highlight the importance of digital as we capture our insights.

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Assessment Areas

Evaluation criteria
Strategy: We look at the current digital strategy and the capability to execute at the senior management level.
Flexiblity: We look at your ability to manage transformation.
Execution: We look at executive support for the execution of digital changes.

Evaluation Criteria
Digital Leadership: We look at digital leadership within the organization.
Roles and Structure: We identify the individual roles, team structures, and responsibilities both in-house and outsourced.
Digital Capabilities: We rate the digital capabilities according to operational and strategic competence and experience.

Evaluation Criteria
Products: We evaluate the quality of internal product information, workflows, and external product data.
Content: We look at the level and processes of content management.
Campaigns: We explore the way you plan and carry out campaigns.
Order & Logistics: We look at your current logistic model, along with your fulfillment processes.
Customer Service: We identify the workflows, tools, channels, and effectiveness of your customer service.

Evaluation Criteria
Customer Data: We evaluate the quality of your customer data and your capacity to execute insights with intelligence.
Product Information: We look at product data, customer touchpoints, and channel efficiency.
Analytics: We investigate your business intelligence, reporting, and data-driven decision-making.

Evaluation Criteria
Platforms: We look at the ecommerce platform in relation to your strategy, digital capabilities, and future growth.
Architecture: We explore the architectural strategy and approach to supporting your digital storefront.
Business Agility: We rate your business based on your adaptability to changes in tools, platforms, and functionality.

Is Our Digital Readiness Assessment Right for You?

Our Digital Readiness Assessment is an excellent fit for

  • Companies that want to evolve or transform their business model and need a plan for change
  • Companies merging units/divisions and need to understand the digital maturity levels across the group’s daughter companies
  • Companies that require a common understanding of the current capabilities to define the strategy and how to move forward

Insights for the Future

Our Digital Readiness Assessment provides you with valuable insights on your business. We activate these insights through our digital strategy and digital roadmap processes.

At Vaimo, we have over 14+ years of experience driving growth and success for ecommerce retailers and brands. We work with our clients across their entire ecommerce journey, from the first inspiring thoughts to strategy, development, design, launch, and beyond.

We define success by growth. Our client, Wimbledon, saw a 113% year-on-year increase in revenue after their launch with us. Let’s talk about growing your business today!

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