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Make Smarter Decisions with Business Intelligence

If you often find yourself overloaded with data across various dashboards then business intelligence is the answer. By merging data from different sources, business intelligence provides you with high-level overviews of data in one place. This allows you to quickly understand current figures, assess trends and forecast ahead for the future—all crucial for gaining a competitive edge. Business Intelligence provides easily accessible and real-time data at your fingertips in a format to suit your needs. This makes monitoring and responding to your KPIs a joy, not a chore.

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Below is a selection of key ways in which you can leverage business intelligence to your advantage.

Vaimo BI Business Intelligence

The Power of BI

Cohort analysis

Assess how your growth affects customer behaviour, from conversion rate optimisation to customer loyalty programmes.

Churn analysis

Easily track and take action on customers about to churn and learn how to lower your churn rate through in-depth customer feedback and behavioural analytics.


Business efficiency

Increase the level of efficiency within your organisation. By monitoring such things as stock levels, money tied up in stock, your slow movers and your response times to incoming emails, BI empowers you to improve organisational efficiency.

Email segmentation

Craft highly targeted lists based on customer attributes such as purchase behaviour, CLV and date of last purchase.


Revenue analytics

Calculate your revenue consistently and precisely across the board. A single source of truth ensures you’ll have revenue metrics you can swear by.

Marketing ROI

Pinpoint your most profitable campaigns and channels by determining ROI with the help of customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value.

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