"Vaimo was selected on the basis of a proven track record in delivering sites which drive traffic and improve conversion rates, ultimately turning browsers into buyers. Vaimo´s ability to understand GANT´s requirements, migrate data from one solution to another and deliver a visually satisfying and easily-managed webshop has proven invaluable."

Anna Carlqvist


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The Challenge

With GANT, the challenge was a simple one. The previous site, based on Magento technology, was not achieving GANT’s expectations and was increasingly seen as an impediment to attracting traffic and converting visitors into customers. However, the company accepted that the problem was not with the technology, but rather in the manner in which it was implemented. It therefore engaged with a company that has a track record of delivering high- performance webshops. That company is Vaimo.

The Solution

The previous implementation had shown that the software is just one component of a successful solution. Perhaps even more important is the manner in which the software is implemented. Vaimo delivered a redesigned and improved front-end interface. This was backed by better back-end integration and performance. Vaimo brought to life several special features for GANT which underpin a high-performance e-business by driving traffic, improving conversion, increasing average order value and building loyalty.


  • Custom campaign modules
  • Look Book
  • Quicklook with product pager
  • Customized checkout
  • Flexibe landing and content pages
  • Full-screen experience
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