Glitter Launches an eCommerce Destination Together with Vaimo


Glitter is the market leader in fashion jewellery and accessories in the Nordic region. There are about 225 stores in total and 1,200 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. Their stores offer women of all ages a wide range of affordable fashion jewellery and accessories, combined with personalised service. Glitter is a specialist in styling and shares advice on how to use simple means to enhance personal style. Glitter is a subsidiary of Bergendahl & Son, owned by the family Bergendahl-Mylonopoulos in the third and fourth generation. Trade house Bergendahls consists of Bergendahls Food (City Gross, EKO), Granit, and Bergendahl Fashion (Glitter and Zanzlöza Zmycken).

Glitter Meets the Digital Customer

Vaimo’s client Glitter launched its eCommerce site on Magento Enterprise with a project budget of 2000 hours in May 2016. The storefront represents a wide range of products, with about 4,000 active products on the site. Previously, Glitter had a site with a limited product range and without the option to purchase products on the site. Today, some of the products are only available in the online store, such as some products from the BaByliss range and from specific collections.

“A range of events made us invest in eCommerce. Glitter must meet the needs of a digital customer and our website serves as a hub, where customers are greeted by inspiration, Glitter's wide range of products and tutorials. Customers are able to convert online as well as offline in our physical stores,” says Erica Stigerud, Ecommerce Manager at Glitter.

The physical stores offer events, tutorials and inspiration, which are things that need to find their way to the eCommerce world. The question of creating your own niche and hair products have become Glitter's unique entrance to the infinite market. "We are working towards a well-established omni-channel experience. Today we have a multi-channel solution,” says Erica. This particular journey is long and requires immense organization. This means that everything and everyone should be on board the train towards the future, from shops, warehouses, strategy, and technology being adapted along the way. It is a change that is not done over night, but slowly yet surely, it is implemented for an efficient machinery, where everyone gets a slice of the cake.


How Rocky is the eCommerce Road?

The eCommerce road is not a highway without a curve or a bend. It is an off-road adventure with immense challenges, big and small. Ecommerce is racing ahead, full throttle, with sights set on the future. It is important that organisations accept that change is inevitable and that it creates a whole new way of working, where workflows are redefined to meet the needs of eCommerce.

Glitter's backend integrations are challenging, as an older, less consumer-oriented system needs to work with a new system. You can only see the results when you are finished, something you would like to be able to anticipate to make better choices at an early stage. "The structure of the products has been challenging. Our product information lies currently in our ERP system, but we want to move it over to Magento,” says Erica, and continues, "We like Magento, its scalability, and the fact that it is an open-source platform. We can cater for our actual needs. And these needs led us to Vaimo, who is the best solution provider to help to realise our vision of an omni-channel solution."

Glitter 1.0 Version of the Site

Glitter sells affordable fashion jewelry and accessories in volumes. The site needs to handle a large amount of traffic and stand face to face with the challenges of raising the average order value and generating high conversions. How do you do this? What is Glitter's recipe for success?

First and foremost, it should, of course, be easy to shop. Here, mobile adaptation plays a major role. Since Glitter's products are affordable and do not require a long decision making time, they are perfect to be purchased on the go, a few clicks on the mobile and then a padded envelope is on the way to the customer. Mobile will be the most important source for traffic for Glitter.

Another thing that benefits the user experience, results in higher conversion rates and repeat customers, is the “free shipping countdown” while shopping, which indicates how far away you are from free shipping whilst adding products to the cart.

The website also allows you to easily buy all products in a tutorial or in inspirational images, using the “shop the style” functionality.

Once all the great finds on Glitter’s site are added to the shopping cart, the customer wants to pay quickly and smoothly. Klarna stands out as a strong and stable supplier with the best ability to meet Glitter’s need for great customer service. "It's about Klarna being able to handle large volumes of transactions, and their data will help us to become even better," says Erica, and she mentions that Swish (an app owned by six Swedish banks for eCommerce transactions) might be an added as a payment solution in the future.

Vaimo has talked about how "content is king" for a couple of years already, and this is also endorsed by Glitter. It's about filling the site with good relevant content for the consumer and working actively with on-site SEO. Glitter has given names to products from an SEO perspective, as well as descriptions, rather than from a material perspective. Organic traffic to the site is everything!

Once the visitor has become a customer, how do you create the conditions for the customer to return to the site, over and over again? The answer is retargeting and Glitter plans to launch a new CRM system where their work is segmented and precise, in order to create personalised and targeted offers. Glitter has a wide range of products, but one needs to realise that not everyone wants everything. “It makes no sense to send out offers on piercings if the customer is not at all interested in this," Erica says with a laugh.

In the forefront of loyalty stands Club Glitter (Glitter’s customer club), which has special offers to customers both online and offline. As a member, you should be able to take advantage of everything, and the club will be polished up and made to shine even more to create a unique sense of belonging and community, where special offers are created just for members.

Glitter’s choice of logistics partner landed on PostNord after a thorough pre-study. PostNord was the only one who could deliver products in mailboxes to the extent that was expected. However, this applies only to Sweden. When it comes to other Nordic countries, completely different partners might come into consideration.

What Does Glitter See on the eCommerce Horizon?

"In five years, we will have a fully functioning omni-channel solution, with happy, digital, and recurring customers with a high conversion rate," says Erica when we start talking about the future. "We have broken down the challenges and resolved them. It is about constant development and I envision Glitter 2.0 and 3.0 being launched."

Exciting news in the sparkling Glitter sky is the launch of Glitterista. This is a flow on social media where people get to share their Glitter moments. Glitter will use multiple influencers and the #Glitterista tag will always be attached. The third-party provider of this news channel is Four Sixty together with Vaimo.

What are Glitter’s plans with eCommerce expansion? Today, Glitter’s online store is running only in Sweden, but in 6-8 months, it will also be introduced in other Nordic countries. After that Glitter will start introducing eCommerce in selected European countries. It's about taking on the new markets slowly and improving along the way, to create sustainability and stability.

Glitter has a multi-channel solution, but with a mapped-out strategy to offer a complete omni-channel solution. Today you can return an online purchase in a physical store, but you can’t, for example, see stock levels of the physical stores online. This is a challenging task, where POS systems will need to be replaced, product information management systems will need to be adapted, and logistics need to work efficiently.

Experience Creates Insight - Advice from Glitter!

  • Conduct a thorough pre-study of solution providers, ERP systems and POS systems. 
  • Know your solution providers (ERP, POS, PIM, OMS systems etc). 
  • Creativity must not affect the online purchasing process for the end user, but you have to dare to try new things! 
  • Always be prepared for change! Use a combination of actual numbers from the online store and your own experience. 
  • Vibrant, inspiring content gives you the sales focus and creates the willingness to shop. 
  • Tie all sales to relevant content.

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