Welcome to the latest instalment of Vaimo Introducing where we’ll be chatting to Begüm Yildirim, Business Unit Manager at Vaimo International.

Let’s listen in to what Begüm had to say about relocating to Estonia, promoting a happy workplace and celebrating women in IT…

Hello Begüm and welcome to Vaimo Introducing! To begin, maybe you can tell us a bit about your previous experience and your journey to Vaimo?

After graduating in electrical engineering, I went on to work as a software developer and network engineer in the banking and telecommunication industries. But I soon realised I wanted a role with more of a human touch and where I could combine my technical knowledge with people management, so I shifted my career path into business management and worked in a consulting role. Then most recently I was Global Project Manager for a leading electronics company which meant a lot of travel all over the world, wherever I was needed! After a number of years, I decided it was time for a new challenge—but I wanted to be in an exciting industry and one in which I could really use my different skills. Ecommerce definitely ticked these boxes, which is what led me to Vaimo.

You relocated to Tallinn to take up your initial role as PM—what encouraged you (within the application process and from a personal perspective) to take that decision? And how did you find this transition?

When I knew that I wanted to move into eCommerce, I was researching various companies and saw that Vaimo was a major player in this industry. But at that time I was living in Turkey and any move abroad came with a lot of extra work and bureaucracy around visa sponsorship, for which there was little—if any—support. But when I had my first call with Vaimo, the team was extremely supportive and reassured me that they would be on hand to help with such issues and to make the transition as smooth as possible—which they did! They helped me throughout the application process and gave me the chance to visit the office in Tallinn to meet the team and get to know the business. It was a big decision to move overseas, so I’m grateful that I had this kind of support from Vaimo’s side to make it easier.

Earlier this year you were promoted to the role of Business Unit Manager. Can you say a little bit about what this new role involves and what your current goals are for the Vaimo Int department?

In my role as business unit manager, I’m primarily concerned with promoting a happy workplace here at Vaimo International and to oversee the health delivery of our projects. So in that sense, I have 2 major areas of focus; our clients and our employees. We take pride in delivering value and results for our clients and having a workplace fit for the needs of our employees. It’s my mission to maintain our high levels of client and employee satisfaction and to find new ways to add value.

As a global company we are always growing—and that’s especially the case for Vaimo International. Though our office is located in Tallinn, we’re attracting talent from all over the world. And as my story can attest to, it doesn’t matter where you’re based, we’re looking for the right people, regardless of geography.

What’s your proudest achievement both at Vaimo and in your personal life?

Instead of a particular achievement, I think what I’m most proud of is Vaimo in general as a workplace. It’s important to me that I’m a valued part of a team and that I do work that’s meaningful to me. At Vaimo I have that 100%. And I’m also incredibly proud to be part of a company that is focused on gender equality and that encourages women in the IT industry. At Vaimo we have women across executive and leadership roles and in project management and development. I really value the proactive approach we are taking to increase female participation in this industry.

At Vaimo we help our clients to drive success in digital commerce. But if you were to open your own eCommerce store, what would it sell?

Hmm, that’s a good question! Well, my passions are technology and education/learning. So it would have to be something around online learning and courses—making knowledge accessible to people no matter where they are in the world.

Describe Vaimo in just 4 words!

Oh, well that’s easy — it has to be our 4 core values: Excellence, Teamwork, Open and Fun!

Well, that’s all for another episode of Introducing. A big thank you to Begüm for joining us and sharing her story. Stay tuned to hear more stories from Vaimoers across our offices!