Vaimo for Magento Order Management

Looking for tools to provide a true omnichannel customer journey?

Magento Order Management


Streamlines your customer’s shopping experience acrooss all your sales and fulfillment channels. From capture, to source, and ultimately fulfillment, let the customer remain at the centre of your operation at all times.

Magento Order Management features distributed order management, inventory management, omnichannel fulfillment, tax and fraud, payment, and analytics capabilities. It offers the end customer a continuous shopping experience across any and all channels. And with the quickest time to market in the industry, it’s possible to implement Magento Order Management as a modular or a completely integrated solution.



Distributed Order Management & Omnichannel Fulfillment


Customer Service: Dropship Network, Internal Fullfilment network


Global Inventory: track inventory at any node (Stores, vendors, DC’s)

Who is it for?

Magento order management is designed for merchants who coordinate multiple fulfilment centres, stores, and dropship partners on a regular basis and who need to track the demand and the supply to fulfil orders from the best location.

“Magento BI is fully automated, with reports that present data without any actions or time needed. Once you’ve set it up, it’s a true automated time saver.”

Patrick Björnbom,
eCommerce Strategist at Vaimo

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