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Absolut Art, owned by premium vodka brand Absolut, connects artists with art lovers with an interactive web shop that makes exclusive art accessible and affordable. Absolut Art teams up with expert local curators to hand-pick artists to present on the web shop which produces a curated collection of unique pieces which are all autographed and numbered by the artist.

The Challenge

Acclaimed Swedish vodka brand, Absolut, recognised a need in the art market to democratise art and create a platform for artists, curators, and art collectors to make limited-edition artwork accessible and inexpensive for consumers. Concept became reality with Absolut Art, but the company needed a digital presence in order to showcase their art in high-quality visuals on desktop and mobile, with rich content to offer a deeper view into the artist behind the art, and interactive tools for shoppers. Absolut Art wanted to offer a channel for artists to reach a global audience and make exclusive art accessible for regular consumers.


Vaimo constructed a mobile-first, multi-site solution composed of two sections: Artists, and Artworks. Rich content and one-of-a-kind functions, such as advanced auto-playing embedded videos, product bundles with artwork and framing, unique tracking of product serial numbers, and inspiration pages all work to bring the local artists and exclusive pieces to life. Certain features, like the swiping tool “It’s a Match” designed for couples to discover artwork together, are only available on mobile, while the interactive and playful “Drag and Drop Room Decorator” allows shoppers to visualise artwork on their walls.


Increase in organic search


Increase in sessions


Increase in traffic from mobile


Decrease in page load time

(Comparing Jan 2017-March 2017 to May 2015-July 2015)

“With security and reliability on our mind, we quickly zeroed in on Vaimo as our obvious solution partner to help build our store on the Magento platform. Vaimo’s “Magento ecosystem” of expert developers, strategists and designers covered all of our bases.”

Nahema Mehta Chief Executive Officer at Absolut Art


• Vaimo CMS

• Klarna invoice

• Slideshow with Lazy Loading Images



• Integration with Unifaun

• Integration with Adyen


• Integration with Mailchimp

• “It’s a Match” Tool

• “Drag and Drop Room Decorator” Tool


Vaimo and Absolut Art collaborated closely on the development and design of the web shop, with an Agile approach. The web store was deployed in April 2015, after a 6-month development period. Vaimo put Magento’s flexibility to the test by incorporating rich content, such as imagery and videos on the site. Absolut Art wanted to craft a specific way to convey the atmosphere of local artists and art, and therefore, they relied less on the framework and more on visuals and features. Vaimo built the site with mobile in mind, with the mobile interface working mostly based on swiping. Vaimo is currently working with Absolut Art on a project-basis.


Absolut Art plans to widen their product offering based on city-specific artists and artwork. With the help of Vaimo CMS and Magento Enterprise Edition, Absolut Art has the freedom to effort-lessly grow their business and simply change campaigns and content on their site. As a large company and as a subsidiary of Absolut, Absolut Art appreciates security, and with Magento, the company has the peace of mind to expand digitally. Magento also allows Absolut Art to track their sales and growth progress on the platform.

“Magento is an international eCommerce platform with the security features that were mandatory for our business. Absolut Art also wants to expand to new markets with different currencies in the future, and Magento Enterprise Edition gives us the freedom to build on our business.

Nahema Mehta

Chief Executive Officer, Absolut Art

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Absolut Art

Let Absolut Art help you take the first step to living with exceptional art.

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