BAUHAUS is the largest home improvement retailer in Denmark and offers the widest assortment of products. Denmark currently has 16 BAUHAUS retail stores with 1500 employees across the country. The largest BAUHAUS shop in Denmark is in the city of Aalborg, and features 18,000 square meters of floor space. BAUHAUS opened its first shop in Denmark in 1989 and has served its customers with quality tools and materials ever since.

The Challenge

Before working with Vaimo, BAUHAUS Denmark had a nontransactional site that only featured the current commercial advertisement. The old site was difficult to manage and customisation was not an option. BAUHAUS Denmark wanted to be able to present their large assortment of products on their site and easily upload content. They recognised that physical advertisement flyers often did not make it to their customers, and BAUHAUS Denmark wanted a digital and responsive way to connect with their customers, via desktop, mobile and tablet.


Vaimo developed a fully responsive site that features a smooth design, easy navigation via the Solr search function, and effortless payment methods. BAUHAUS Denmark customers can easily pay via their smartphone without having to use their card by using the integrated payment portal. Vaimo also implemented the Vaimo Content Management System, so BAUHAUS Denmark staff can use it to effortlessly place new content on the site. With the new site, BAUHAUS Denmark has been able to expand their customer base to include those without access to physical stores.


Increase in revenue over the last year

Visitors per day in high season

Visitors per day in normal season


Increase in visitors to site from mobile

(Comparing Jan 2015- Sept 2015)

“Vaimo has created a site that connects our in-store customers to our online presence. Where our product line ends in the store, it continues online and it really connects us to our buyers.”

Klaus Hedegaard, IT Manager at BAUHAUS Denmark


• Click and Collect

• Vaimo Content Management System

• Store Locator

• Possibility for tier pricing

• Product configurator to customise our products

• Special pricing with price per unit not package


• Back in stock notifications

• Related products as accessories

• Integration to Nosto

• Mobile payment


The initial website took 4 months to develop, and since then Vaimo and BAUHAUS Denmark have been collaborating closely together to further enhance the site. BAUHAUS Denmark finds it easy to convey ideas to their dedicated Vaimo team and receive the feedback and effort that it takes to create a project worthy of implementation. BAUHAUS Denmark has found the teamwork to be smooth and the project timeframes efficient.

“Magento supports a large amount of products, and we knew that BAUHAUS Sweden was already working on the Magento platform with Vaimo. We recognised how agile it was to work with Vaimo and understood that it would be easier to exchange code, and connect with BAUHAUS Sweden if we were in Denmark on the same platform.

Klaus Hedegaard

IT Manager, BAUHAUS Denmark


BAUHAUS Denmark wants to fully immerse the business into omnichannel and integrate their online presence into their physical stores. The home improvement retailer wants to ensure that the complete assortment of products is available online and has big plans for expanding their delivery areas and delivery services. They want to develop express deliveries, nighttime deliveries, and services associated with this function.

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Delve into the B2C/B2B world of BAUHAUS Denmark where you’ll be sure to find anything you need for your home improvement needs.

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