Filippa K

Filippa K is one of the leading Scandinavian fashion companies, with a strong position in long lasting fashion. The brand offers a full range of fashion garments including shoes, bags & accessories, to both women and men, with the core values style, simplicity and quality visible in everything they do. The company provides the products through its own 50 Filippa K brand stores in 20 markets around the world, as well as through more than 700 international retailers, such as Selfridges, Liberty, Bijenkorf, NK, Stockmann and Illum. In May 2014 Filippa K launched their webshop enabling customers to purchase Filippa K’s products online.

The Challenge

Filippa K launched their responsive online shop on Magento with the help of Vaimo in May 2014. In the fall of 2016 the ecommerce team at Filippa K showed concerns that the ecommerce growth was stagnating on the Magento platform, and a lot of the fear was attributed to that they felt the platform wouldn’t support further growth.


Filippa K and Vaimo took another approach to the eCommerce project to support the growth Filippa K needed with their eCommerce strategy. Through a process of hard work and a shift of mind set, Filippa K together with Vaimo managed to shift focus to whats possible and not on the limitations. Re-starting development of the platform with a growth mindset very quickly provided very positive results and triggered new growth development to a point where the pace of development has never been higher, and the results have been far beyond Filippa K’s expectations and eCommerce is now the growth engine of the whole company. Today, Filippa K’s eCommerce channel covers 60 countries globally.


Increase in users


Increase in page views


Increase in revenue


Increase in e-commerce conversion rate


Increase in transactions


Increase in average order value


Increase in traffic from mobile


Increase in transactions on mobile

Periods compared: 01.01.2017-31.12.2017 compared to 01.01.2016-31.12.2016

“Our new website is beautiful and feels very on brand. For Filippa K, every detail is important and we are keen to meet our customer’s very high expectations on service, simplicity, style and quality. The new represents our values in a great way. Launching the Online Store was a very important strategic milestone; the platform is a first step in creating a great customer experience and service across our channels. We’ll present our full collections and campaigns in new ways and add more services to our store. Shipping to more markets is also on the roadmap, of course.”

Patrice Lusth, Omni-Channel Manager at Filippa K


• Responsive website with express checkout

• Different views for category listings and product pages

• Integration to Adobe Scene 7 for imaging and zoom

• Display window with different styles

• Combined scrollable and sticky solution on product page

• 6 different start page templates for dynamic landing page

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Filippa K

Filippa Knutsson said, ”We’re inspired by ourselves and those around us.” Get inspired by Filippa K today!

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