Hansaplant is an Estonian-based horticultural company founded in 1997, specialising in the retail of plants, garden and interior products and pet products. A narrower specialisation helps them to keep the focus on the most important thing—the quality. To date, the company has grown to be a top-retailer in the field of horticulture in Estonia with a 15,000-square-foot garden centre and a 2.5-hectare production area.

The Challenge

As digital became an increasingly important channel for Brown-Forman, the group wanted to create a new online and mobile channel and become the world’s leading platform for consumers seeking a premium “spirit” experience. Brown-Forman decided to begin their digital journey by creating a brand-new site for their Jack Daniel’s UK market. They wanted to showcase their premium product family by communicating their brand stories while ensuring the visitor experience leads to conversions.


Vaimo created a content-rich, responsive site for Jack Daniel’s that not only promotes the brand, but also celebrates the authenticity of Jack Daniel’s through story-telling. The solution is fully integrated with Magento Commerce Order Management suite, including OMS (Order Management System), payment solutions and boasts features like the possibility to inscribe a personalised engraving on the bottles. The Vaimo Content Management System allows the Jack Daniel’s in-house team and various agencies to easily support, control and maintain campaigns.


Increase in sessions


Increase in users

(Comparing  Aug 11, 2016 to Aug 11, 2017)


Increase in online turnover

“The launch of the Jack Daniel’s store gives us a new route to the consumer and a new platform to tell our authentic brand stories on. This is a great opportunity for us to make our products more accessible to our consumers, and a new and a unique way for our consumers to engage more deeply with the Jack Daniel’s brand.”

Ffion Jones, Senior Brand Manager at Jack Daniel’s UK


• Website launch in December 2017

• Magento 2

• Plant-finder


• Vaimo Stories module

• Vaimo CMS

• ID-card / Mobile ID logins


• Integration with ERP

• Integrations with payments/postal services

• Responsive design


The amount of content that needed to be prepared for the Jack Daniel’s site was more than what was originally foreseen and highlighted the need for truly understanding the role that content plays during the delivery phase. Vaimo needed to finish all of the requirements in a timeframe that became tighter due to the time it took to perfect the user experience according to a content map that was incredibly rich and wide. At the end of the project, Brown-Forman, Vaimo, and eBay felt like one team, although they were scattered across three different continents.

The launch of the Jack Store in the UK is a stepping stone for us and we are looking to expand our eCommerce capabilities into other markets and brands. Vaimo’s approach and capabilities coupled with their Magento experience made them an easy choice for us, and they have been a key factor in helping us successfully bringing the website to market.

Karen Taylor

Ecommerce Manager, Jack Daniel’s UK


The solution provided by Vaimo is a stepping stone in Brown-Forman’s expansion into eCommerce, and the framework and platform will be used to expand into other countries. Work is already on the way to launch B2C and B2B sites on the platform in two other countries.

“The maturity and capabilities of the Magento platform gives us the foundation to scale in a cost efficient way, and the ability to add features and functionality as we get better at eCommerce.

Karen Taylor

Ecommerce Manager, Jack Daniel’s UK

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Enter the world of Hansaplant, where you’ll find the best in horticulture, home wares and furnishings to suit your personality and style.

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