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Helly Hansen was born in Norway in 1877 when sea captain Helly Juell Hansen and his wife began creating waterproof gear to withstand the ruthless Norwegian weather conditions. Today, Helly Hansen continues to make professional outdoor gear and is the preferred apparel brand for professional skiers, sailors, and at workplaces around the world. In October 2016, Vaimo helped Helly Hansen to launch a fully mobile-optimised online store on Magento 2 with an integration with Magento Commerce Order Management.

The Challenge

When their legacy platform was discontinued, Helly Hansen began looking for a new platform that was more user-friendly and scalable both from a backend and an end user point-of-view. The company, known for making professional grade gear for sailing, skiing and the outdoors, wanted to create the perfect blend of brand and commerce in order to guide and inspire their customers by infusing the customer journey with content and story-telling. Helly Hansen also encompasses several other sites for B2B, footwear, and more, and they wanted to unify all of their sites with the same look and feel.


Helly Hansen’s mobile-first solution launched on Magento Commerce Cloud in October 2016 with an integration with Magento Order Management. This was the first M2 Magento Order Management integration and the largest implementation at the time. The solution was also the biggest project hosted by Magento Commerce Cloud, with 27 stores in total, and with 4 languages added initially. Today, there are 30 stores on one Magento installation in 6 different languages. The online store features advanced integrations between WordPress and Magento 2.1.4 and an integration with Salesforce for customer service. An integration with Helly Hansen M3 ERP solution and Vaimo CMS for content management complete the setup.


Increase in traffic


Increase in mobile traffic


Increase in transactions


Increase in transactions from mobile


Increase in revenue

(KPIs – 2017 vs 2016; year before replatform and year after replatform)

“Helly Hansen chose Vaimo because it was a recommended solution partner from Magento. Vaimo’s proven track-record of Magento 2 implementations, scale in number of developers and international presence were the key reasons we decided to work with them.”

Chris Hammond, Global Digital Director at Helly Hansen


• Vaimo CMS

• Magento Commerce Cloud

• Salesforce Integration

• More robust RMA process

• WordPress integration, including cart, menu, account information

• Nosto’s personalisation

• Klevu (semantic search intergration)

• B2B sales for workwear

• Multi-warehousing

• Store Locator

• Magento OMS

• Emails

• Yotpo’s user generated content (UGC)

• Payment gateway


Because Helly Hansen’s previous solution included an eCommerce platform and a WordPress site for content management, the most challenging aspect of the project was whether or not to merge content and commerce. Because of the short project timeline, Helly Hansen decided to keep their content and commerce journeys separate and combine them later. The 5 different teams on the complex project, consisting of Vaimo, Helly Hansen, two separate design and development agencies, and Magento working on the Order Management Suite, came together to deliver the new site by October 2016, before peak shopping season.

“We needed a platform that would allow us to easily scale and enter with our B2C and B2B solution to new markets, supporting multiple languages and currencies. Magento has delivered that, and more for us.

Chris Hammond

Global Digital Director, Helly Hansen


Helly Hansen uses Magento for both their B2C and B2B online sales channels. They also have a very strong business in providing personalised B2B clothing which is a key part of their growth strategy. Vaimo developed a touch-friendly web shop that brings the rich heritage of the Helly Hansen brand to consumers in a user-friendly way, on any device and channel. The outdoor gear web shop includes 30 different sites with a catalog of 35,000 products per store, each with specific language options, payment methods, shipping rules, localised content using Vaimo CMS, and product availability. The Magento Order Management system ensures that each order syncs to the correct EMEA (Holland) or American (Seattle) Helly Hansen fulfilment centre. Helly Hansen together with Vaimo are also in the process of launching South Africa which will add another fulfilment hub.

“Helly Hansen chose Vaimo because it was a recommended solution partner from Magento. Vaimo’s proven track-record of Magento 2 implementations, scale in number of developers and international presence were the key reasons we decided to work with them.

Chris Hammond

Global Digital Director, Helly Hansen

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