Founded in 1976, Hexaplan is Finland’s leading B2B office furniture store that specialises in work environments. The company provides complete interior solutions for production and social facilities, such as warehouses and offices. Hexaplan’s extensive product range is complemented by packaging and office supplies, as well as internal logistics and property management tools. Most of Hexaplan’s products are professionally manufactured in Finland, and a short supply chain ensures high quality and speedy delivery across the country. The Hexaplan Group includes subsidiaries in Sweden and Norway, and operates also in Estonia and Latvia.

The Challenge

Hexaplan built their first website in 2008, but the site did not support their B2B business adequately. Individual customer prices could not be displayed, and orders had to be entered into the ERP system by hand. While customers could place orders online, it involved enormous manual work, and the only payment method available was the option to pay by invoice. Order confirmations were sent by hand to customers, as the process was not automated. At the time, Hexaplan was not using Magento for their eCommerce needs. Hexaplan was not satisfied with the effort they needed to place into the site, along with the look and feel.


Hexaplan’s customers now enjoy a great user experience, along with a responsive design, an optimised search engine, and individual price lists. Vaimo integrated the new B2B solution to Hexaplan’s ERP system, which means that all orders are automated. Because Hexaplan delivers goods from several manufacturers, Vaimo developed a drop shipping feature in Magento. Customers are also able to select their own freight companies and thereby save money by using personal freight contracts. The new site also features a live chat function that allows customers to contact customer service with questions while browsing the site.


Increase in visitors via organic search


Increase in visits from mobile


Increase in visits from tablet


Increase in average session duration

(Comparing Jan-Feb 2015 to Jan-Feb 2016)

“Vaimo presented our project in a very professional manner and we found the total cost of the project more than fair. Hexaplan has daughter companies in Sweden and Norway, and we wanted to work with a partner who has presence and experience in delivering B2B eCommerce projects on Magento in those markets, and who is familiar with the special requirements of those markets. Since our products come from different manufacturers, drop shipping was imperative for us, although it is not something that Magento is generally built for. Vaimo was able to support all of our complex shipping needs and automate the process. We now have a web shop that effectively supports our B2B business.”

Mirva Enroos Marketing Manager at Hexaplan Oy


• Advanced Integrations with ERP System Microsoft Dynamics NAV

• Multi-Warehouse (Drop Shipping)


• Group Products with Filter

• B2B Quick Order

• Varnish Implementation

• Klevu Self-Learning Search

• Individual Customer Price Lists

• Credit Card and Invoice Payment Options


Hexaplan began working with Vaimo in January 2015 and the site went live in June 2015. Hexaplan staff enjoyed that the first thing that Vaimo did was present a site layout suggestion, which immediately put both teams on the same page for the project. Hexaplan found Vaimo’s team very professional and thorough with their explanation of what could and could not be done in the scope of the project. The timely delivery of the solution along with a great team effort meant that Hexaplan requested the same Vaimo team to work on their daughter company site,, and do the ongoing maintenance for


Hexaplan wants their web shop to become even more efficient and productive in the future,and will do that by generating content for their site, and implementing the Vaimo Content Man-agement System module along with extra functions. The company wishes to display their prod-ucts via visual imagery and use visuals to suggest items to customers, along with hints and tips about ergonomics.

“Hexaplan evaluated various eCommerce platforms when we started thinking of our new website. We didn’t have the best experience with our previous platform, and we were searching for an agile platform that would help to support and streamline our business processes. We found that Magento was the best solution for us, as it also allows us to dream big and scale up in the future.

Ari Koskinen

Chief Executive Officer, Hexaplan Oy

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