Kaubamaja department store first opened in the capital city of Tallinn in 1960 and has over the years turned into most prestigious and iconic department store in Estonia. Tallinna Kaubamaja is owned by Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp, who also owns Tartu Kaubamaja, the Selver grocery store chain, and top shoe store chains ABC King and SHU. Additionally, the group owns a beauty retail chain, I.L.U. and car retailers KIA and Viking Motors, and more. The group’s loyalty card, the Partner Card, is held by over 654,000 customers in Estonia (2017). The unaudited annual turnover for Tallinna Kaubamaja and Tartu Kaubamaja for 2017 was 102.4 million euros, and they employ about 700 people in Tallinn and in Tartu.

The Challenge

For the last few years, Kaubamaja has sold a limited number of products online only during their two annual sales campaigns, Osturalli, and their holiday pop-up online shop on their introductory website. Kaubamaja wanted to feature all of their products in an online store that could handle a large amount of traffic, and that could accurately sync to several of their sales and warehouse programs. The department store’s vision was an omni-channel solution that offers real-time in-stock figures, massive sales campaigns, and advanced multiple location picking.


Vaimo built a robust web shop for Kaubamaja that’s got the functionality to handle a storm of traffic with Varnish Caching and barcode scanner enabled packing and shipping that supports several stock locations. Additionally, the online shop boasts rich content, with an inspiration page, a blog, and an interactive version of the department store’s magazine, Hooaeg. The shop’s not only responsive, but it’s optimised for touch screen, with a Touch Screen Focused Drop-Down Menu that requires only one click to open a menu, and another to access a category. Stock is shown in real-time from the two department store locations, and for additional warehouse locations.


Increase in online revenue


Increase in mobile traffic


Increase in transactions from mobile

(Comparing April 2017-Jan 2018 to April 2016-Jan 2017)

“For over 55 years, our customers have come to our store, and with our web store, we finally wanted to “go to our customer.” It was pivotal that the Kaubamaja online store reflected our in-store experience – the great visuals, fast and friendly service, and the full, wide range of brand-name products. Vaimo helped us achieve our goal by delivering an online retail solution that meets the customer everywhere seamlessly – on their desktop, phone and tablet.”

Martin Lond, e-Commerce Development Manager at Kaubamaja


• Vaimo Content Management System

• Klevu Self Learning Search

• Touch Screen Focused Drop Down Menu

• Reservation Countdown

• Fail-Proof Customer Card Login

• Integration with ERP System Microsoft Dynamics AX

• Integration with External Couriers

• Integration with Payment Gateway

• Integration with Bonus Point Counting System

• Varnish Caching

• Barcode Scanner Enabled Packing and Shipping


As Kaubamaja was completely new to eCommerce, Vaimo’s strong background of business processes and eCommerce strategy played a huge role during the discovery process to map out optimum work flows behind the scenes and ensured efficient system usage of AX and Magento. An external dedicated testing company was used before initiating a “soft” launch, which allowed friends and family members to further test the site before the official release of the online store. Vaimo adjusted usability based on feedback from both test cycles to ensure that the official deployment went off without a hitch.

“We chose Vaimo based on the company’s credentials – on the brands and merchants they have worked with, the solutions they have delivered, and their Magento Gold Partner status. Vaimo’s not your typical agency – they design, develop and integrate complex systems. We researched various eCommerce solution providers extensively, and felt that Vaimo’s work spoke for itself. As this was our first online shop, our goal was to work with a solution provider who knew their provided platform inside and out, and who could bring our vision to life.”

Martin Lond

eCommerce Development Manager, Kaubamaja


Kaubamaja plans to keep improving upon their e-shop, and include the full range of their products online, while adding new items as they are introduced in-store. The department store aims to be the best in Estonia, through their service, product range, quality, and by being a trendsetter via their popular magazine, Hooaeg. Kaubamaja also intends to eventually develop an omni-channel solution by merging barriers between online and offline shopping with new features and functions that will create a unique, seamless shopping experience.

“Magento provided us with a sense of security – it’s a quality platform that’s been around for a while, and that’s owned by a large company. The core product is good, and by default, it already has a lot to offer. We’ve been able to utilise the default features, and Vaimo’s certified developers have customised the rest for us. The end result is great.”

Martin Lond

e-Commerce Development Manager, Kaubamaja

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Browse Estonia’s elite department store online, and discover a wide array of local and international brands in a modern, easy-to-navigate web shop.

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