Pihatukku constructs and sells quality cottages, sheds, log cabins, and saunas. The company also sells fireplaces, plumbing, and all products associated with summer cottages, inside and out, ranging from furniture to machinery. Owned by the Finnish family-operated company, Salvos, the company has built over 2,000 buildings and provides materials as well as installation services. The company works with the best-known local factories and product manufacturers. Salvos prefers local products and uses only the highest-quality materials. Professional product development, and vast experience simplifies the building process for Pihatukku, who makes installation easy and fast.


The Challenge

Salvos has grown exponentially over the last 3 years, and it was time to hit the digital market. While Salvos lacks physical stores, the company owns a factory and operates through sales representatives and re-sellers. Before meeting Vaimo, Salvos had a non-transactional informative web page. Salvos chose Vaimo to create their first-ever web shop for their brand, Pihatukku, because of Vaimo Finland’s glowing reference list, and also because our wealth of modules and features means that we don’t have to build much from scratch. Salvos wanted to offer a wide spectrum of products, as they aspire to grow and challenge bigger players on the market.


Vaimo built a solid solution with a modern look for Salvos’ Pihatukku brand using Magento’s out-of-the-box features in sync with Vaimo’s modules and functionality. While this wasn’t a complex project, the design, look and feel, and usability of the store is engaging. Vaimo’s strategy team swooped in and installed Hotjar, a powerful site optimisation solution, to help Salvos increase their conversion rate. Vaimo used Hotjar to identify the areas on the web shop to improve performance. Vaimo CMS allows Pihatukku employees to easily change up content on the site and play around with campaigns, while Vaimo Badge Manager helps Pihatukku label products as popular, discount, or new.


Increase in sessions


Increase in users


Increase in page views

“We have a great working relationship with Vaimo and we’re very happy with the service we’ve received. We’re especially happy with the self-service opportunities the web shop provides to our customers; our customers can now compile and customise a sauna online, without needing help from a physical sales representative.”

Pete Lohi, e-Commerce & Wholesale at Salvos Finland


  • Integration with payment portal, Maksuturva
  • Vaimo CMS3
  • Facebook Pixel (copy of your catalog in FB)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Smilee chat service
  • Newsletter pop-up
  • Vaimo Badge Manager


The project was complete in a mere 2.5 months, and Vaimo Project Manager, Juha Pyrrö, describes it as “smooth and easy.” The Salvos team was knowledgable, with concise and ambitious goals. The Salvos team was pleased with the Design and Discovery workshops, and as a result, the implementation was relatively fast. The Vaimo and Salvos team fine-tuned the project to ensure a smooth project and go-live.


The company plans on considerable growth, and fast, so a full overhaul of their systems is in the works. Salvos is currently building an ERP system, which Vaimo will then integrate with the Pihatukku web shop. After experiencing hurdles in the business a few years ago, the family-owned business created a success story with heart. The grandfather of the family founded the company to build quality saunas and cottages, and today, the company is well-established and experiencing growth.

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Pihatukku constructs and sells quality cottages, sheds, log cabins and saunas. Browse this Finnish family-operated new e-commerce site here.

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