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Proactiv+ is a skin care brand with a three-step cleansing programme specifically designed to reduce acne and improve the overall condition of skin. Proactiv+ was originally launched by Guthy-Renker, a direct-response marketing company based in California that markets products directly to shoppers via television ads, infomercials, telemarketing, mail, e-mail marketing, and online marketing. Today, the brand is majority-owned by Nestlé Skin Health.

The Challenge

Guthy-Renker’s Proactiv+ online shop was formerly based on hard-coded inflexible templates that affected the stability of the site. They wanted to move to a responsive-driven design to address a mainly mobile focused target group, improve the customer experience and make the site more easily manageable internally.


Vaimo built the new Proactiv+ site from scratch after an initial migration to Vaimo’s infrastructure to improve site performance. The heart of the project was crafting a tailored, consumer-first user journey that easily leads shoppers through three simple steps to assemble their skin-care kits and reach a one-page checkout. While users used to begin their journey on mobile and switch to desktop before checkout, they now complete their transactions on mobile and conversion rates have soared as a result.


Increase in organic search


Increase in transactions on mobile


Increase in sessions

(Comparing March 2016-Aug 2016 to Aug 2015-Feb 2016)


Increase in revenue


Increase in revenue on mobile

“Vaimo created a web shop that is 100% driven towards increasing conversion rates through the roof with a tailored user journey that allows our customers to effortlessly put together their Proactiv+ kits and check out on their mobile or tablets.”

Sandy Pattisson, Systems and Operations Director at The Proactiv Company


• Unique user journey for the kit

• Bundle production creation on Fly


• Vaimo CMS

• Rich content 

• Integration proprietary systems

• dotdigital’s email marketing

• Fully responsive


Guthy-Renker was very satisfied with the project from the beginning, as the cooperation between the teams on each side got off to a great start and continued well throughout the project. Vaimo’s UX designer used Invision, a tool that allowed him to regularly post web pages in progress on to a shared platform instead of conducting time-consuming meetings. This meant that both teams could interact on one platform, and Guthy-Renker’s team could comment and discuss the designs during the development phase.

“We switched from a legacy eCommerce platform to Magento in 2013 as we needed more flexibility and more up-to-date functionality and regular innovation. After we thoroughly trawled the market with a full scoping exercise, we decided that Magento was the best product fit for our business and would help us achieve the growth targets across our European markets.”

Sandy Pattisson

Systems and Operations Director, The Proactiv Company


Guthy-Renker is currently scoping out Magento 2 products with Vaimo and they are planning to move all of the remaining eight markets in Europe (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland) on to Magento using Vaimo’s new design. 

“Vaimo offered us the chance to really leverage their experience in eCommerce and with Magento. From the very beginning, the heart and soul of Vaimo came across very well, and we felt the same values echo throughout the project. There is a strong work ethic and a desire to deliver the best possible result – consistently. We’ve been very happy working with the team at Vaimo.

Sandy Pattisson

Systems and Operations Director, The Proactiv Company

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