Webinar: The three main steps of managing product data

Based on a survey of 100 companies conducted by Vaimo, we identified three main obstacles that inhibit growth which can be addressed with a working PIM. Each episode in this webinar trilogy will cover one of the three pain points. Get access to all three episodes by submitting the form.

Here’s an overview of the episodes:

Episode 1: Boost Sales with Perfect Product Data

We’ll teach you how consolidated data can increase sales when using several vendors by comparing good product management vs. bad.

Episode 2: Streamlining Supplier Data Made Easy

We’ll show how to set up new suppliers efficiently and how PIM can ensure quality control and eliminate human error.

Episode 3: Inspire Customers with an Enriched Product Experience

Let’s dig into the areas of enriched data, the secret formula for calculating catalog volume, and how to combat all those recurring pesky challenges.

The survey

The Product Data Crash Course is based on the answers to the PIMometer survey. Vaimo’s Pimometer was established to understand merchants’ information challenges and how to address them. From the hundreds of reports we have created for industry-leading companies, we’ve understood and compiled common trends, challenges, and opportunities within product information management.

If you would like to understand your need for a PIM, take the Pimometer, and we’ll send you a customized report. To the Pimometer!




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