Webinar Recap: Turning Holiday Shoppers into Customers for Life

On November 16th, 2016, we co-hosted a webinar with Magento, dotmailer, and Nosto about how merchants and retailers can turn their holiday shoppers into long-time customers. The live recording of the webinar is available HERE after registering your details, and we offer a few key points from the hosted webinar below.

David Wise, Head of Strategic Partners at Magento Commerce, was first up and he shared the importance of holiday customers and holiday-sensitive retail categories:

Acquisition: Retailers acquire between 29% and 59% more customers during holiday months, and that percentage is even greater for holiday-sensitive retail categories.

Customer Lifetime Value: Holiday customers have a 13% lower CLV.

Retention: 39% of holiday shoppers that make a second purchase, do so in the same holiday season.

Revenue Reliance: Holiday-sensitive retail categories generate 24% of their annual revenue from holiday customers.

But how should you reach out to these valuable holiday customers and apply this research to your business? 

Next up was Skip Fidura, Client Services Director at dotmailer with his presentation, mysteriously entitled “What are you doing on Valentine’s Day?"

Skip first established that email is still very important amongst shoppers of all ages, and remains the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention. In fact, 1 in 5 shoppers made a purchase after opening a retailer's email on their mobile device, and email volume rose 24.8% during the 2015 holiday period while unique opens were up 19% in 2015.

BUT, reaching out to your holiday customers should be more than just dressing up your emails in a holiday hat. Skip advised to start with the right tactics and get to know your customer, what interests them, and what relationship they want to have with your brand. In order to maintain individual conversations with all of your customers, you need marketing automation. Skip encouraged merchants to "think as big as you can, start small, scale quickly, and most importantly, continually optimise."

For the welcome email, Skip emphasised the importance of THANKING customers for their data (their email), and to educate them about your brand, provide a way to keep in touch, show a preview of a few relevant products, and lastly, attract the customer back to your web shop.

For the post sale email, say thank you in a personal way - don't send a generated response. Let your customer know what will happen next, and convey that you care about them. ("Hi Sarah, thanks for your order at Vaimo! I'm just writing to let you know that I am packing up your order today and it should be on its way by tomorrow morning. Expect a package in the next 5 business days! -John at Vaimo")

And as for the abandoned cart email - 63% of abandoned carts CAN BE recovered. Reach out with another personalised email. 

But Skip reminded listeners without automated marketing to refrain from panicking and implementing new technology on a whim. Treat your customers differently this year - differentiate between those who have already made purchases in your web shop, and those who haven't. Email the ones who buy a lot, and once they shop, ease off (don't be clingy), and reconnect with them in January. Just like with a new romantic relationship around the holiday season - you don't overwhelm the other person by bombarding them with contact. You send them a message or two, you reconnect after the holidays, and hopefully, you'll have a date for Valentine's Day in 2017!


Thomas Wapshott, eCommerce Consultant at Nosto, talked about making sure that your potential customers are receiving the right (read: personalised) message through the relevant channel for them. In fact, during the holiday season, social media traffic increases by up to 240%, and 74% of online customers get frustrated with websites when content, offers, ads, and recommendations appear that have nothing to do with their interests. So make sure you know how to reach out to customers.

Henrik Mebius, eCommerce Strategist at our very own Vaimo, shared customer traits to consider beyond the holiday period. He touched on the small-screen-enamoured modern consumer with lots of digital friends but less real friends, who craves human contact (the last bit of this webinar went a tad deep). 

He looked at BAUHAUS on mobile, developed by Vaimo and utilising Nosto. Because it's hard for customers to sift through thousands of products, it's important to stay relevant on the small screen. Personalised recommendations based on browsing history, along with accessories and related items, help customers find products faster (and speed is key). 

Henrik then looked at how apps outperform the web on mobile because:

  • Apps are faster
  • Apps recognise the user
  • Apps offer chat
  • Apps can see (camera usage)

Henrik showed (Vaimo-developed) Ridestore's app, which allowed the user access 45 seconds faster than by visiting the site via browser. On Interiör's B2B app (also Vaimo-developed) lets customers use a bar code scanning functionality to build their purchase.

To listen to a live recording of the full webinar for even more tips and insight, register your details HERE.


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