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When you think about what matters to individuals, whether it’s a product, service, content, or messaging, you soon realize that providing them with a meaningful experience at scale is overwhelming. Just 9% of organizations, are currently personalizing content based on intent or prediction. (Adobe’s Digital Trends Report 2023).

Customer experience professionals can transcend expectations with in-the-moment, just-for-them brand interactions that ‘wow.’ Correctly harnessing customer data and AI-fueled insights is critical to enabling organisations to pre-empt how their customers will behave in the future and to design experiences to anticipate their needs.

This event will explore the key elements needed to provide a meaningful brand experience at scale.

Topics covered:


The Customer Centric Approach

  • How to maintain the balance between offering tailored individual experiences and scalability?
  • How to effectively use data and technology to provide personalization at a large scale?
  • Shifting the perspective from isolated touchpoints to the entire customer journey


Mastering Personalized Digital Experiences

  • The transformation journey: How to upgrade your company maturity to embrace digital
    personalization at scale?
  • How does the transformation challenge leadership, culture, skill sets and technological


Leveraging Customer Data Platforms (CDPs):

  • How to utilize CDPs to gather, organize, and activate customer data, enabling more relevant and
    engaging interactions?
  • The role of CDP in achieving personalization at scale?


Organisational Readiness for Digital Personalisation:

Embracing digital personalisation at scale requires more than technological solutions; it demands an organisational transformation. This part of the conference will focus on what is needed from an organisation to embark on this journey, including leadership, cultural shifts, necessary skill sets, and technological infrastructure.


Get inspired and advance you personalization strategies.


Network and share thoughts with other Enterprise Executive Leaders.


Enjoy a 5-star complimentary lunch in round-table seating.

Ravintola Sipuli

February 28 2024

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Marko Rytkönen & Kristiina Banda

Head of Business Development, Vaimo & Business Lead, Adobe


How to achieve personalisation at scale

Giuseppe Sessa

Co-Founder @ nobi.digital | Global Consulting Director, Customer Data, Insights & Activation, Vaimo


Lunch is served



Customer Data in Action: Insightful Case Studies and Use Cases Unveiled

Kalle Heinonen

Senior Solution Consultant, Adobe


Event Ends


Image of Kristiina Banda

Kristiina Banda

Business Lead, Adobe

Kristiina is an advocate of data-driven marketing strategies and technologies that enhance customer experience and digital transformation. Over the years she has worked with many leading B2B and B2C brands helping them with their digital transformation efforts. Currently, Kristiina is the Business Lead for Adobe Experience Cloud and leads the efforts to develop Adobe’s market presence in Finland.

image of Marko Rytkönen

Marko Rytkönen

Business Development Director, Nordics

Marko Rytkönen is the Business Development Director of Vaimo Nordics and started his Vaimo career as the country manager for Finland during its inception in 2013. Marko has been at the core of digital commerce for more than 10 years and has extensive experience in both B2C and B2B business, modern technologies, and specifically the Finnish e-commerce ecosystem.

Giuseppe Sessa from Nobi Digital

Giuseppe Sessa

Co-Founder @ nobi.digital | Global Consulting Director, Customer Data, Insights & Activation, Vaimo

With 25 years of expertise in data and digital optimization and seasoned in collaborating with leading software vendors, Giuseppe is a driving force in steering clients towards data-driven success, innovating solutions, empowering businesses with actionable insights.

Kalle Heinonen

Senior Solution Consultant

Kalle has over 20 years of experience in strategic sales and partnerships, cloud-based analytics and customer experience, start-up entrepreneurship and investment. He has a deep understanding of the market trends, customer expectations, and technology solutions that drive growth and innovation.

Kalle has been recognized twice in the TOP100 most influential people list of digital industry. 

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