the benefits of M2

Whether you’re operating a B2B, B2C, retail, or manufacturing business, one thing is certain—the external forces impacting the commerce landscape. Customer expectations, fragmented buying habits, huge technological change, and increased competition require businesses to adapt in new ways.

To remain ahead of the competitive curve, you need an ecommerce platform that is both robust and flexible. One that has the functionality to provide engaging and seamless purchasing experiences for the modern-day customer.

And this is something that Magento 2 offers in abundance. It provides a secure foundation with the scalability and flexibility to let your business thrive.

Vaimo and Magento hosted a webinar on the benefits of Magento 2. The webinar will guide you on migrating to Magento 2 for optimized performance, user experience, and conversion rates. Fill in the form to receive a copy of the slides and get access to our M2 webinar on-demand. 

The webinar panel includes a broad range of colleagues to ensure that we have all angles of Magento 2 migration covered:

  • Katy Wilson, EMEA Alliances Manager, Magento
  • Alex Ford, Sales & Strategic Development Manager, Vaimo
  • Angels Vicente, UX Visual Designer, Vaimo
  • Georgia Barry, Strategy Consultant, Vaimo


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