Transform Your Business with Magento 2

The pressure is on merchants to compete and provide personalized experiences thanks to high customer expectations and a competitive market. The “IWWIWWIWI” (I want what I want when I want it) consumer mentality is forcing merchants to rethink how they connect with—and provide for—their customers. In response, the world’s major e-tailers have redefined what we expect when it comes to search, delivery, and user interface. The bar has been set high, and customers now use it to benchmark any online experience they have. As noted in Magento’s “Build an Omnichannel Experience That’s Easy to Love” report, 80% of customers are more likely to buy when brands offer personalized experiences.

To keep up, your business needs the digital infrastructure that will allow you to leverage data-driven insights to provide the personalized experiences that customers crave.

Magento 2’s suite of native features and functions provides you with a comprehensive toolkit to succeed in every part of the customer experience. Here are just some of the ways it will transform your ecommerce offering:

  • 2-step assumptive guest checkout for quick and easy payment
  • Advanced page-building functionality for creating personalized content
  • Powerful data insights for a 360-degree view of your business and shoppers
  • Out-of-the-box B2B features for fast B2B purchasing and self-service options

The list goes on… And to see the platform in action, after moving to M2, our clients saw a:

  • 29% increase in mobile revenue
  • 61% reduction in content creation time
  • 25% increase in site traffic
  • 16% increase in conversion rates

Check out our on-demand webinar, where experts from Vaimo and Magento will explore the platform’s functionality in more detail. You’ll also hear about real examples of clients who have made the move to Magento 2.


Photo Georgia Barry 2

  • Georgia Barry – Ecommerce Strategist, Vaimo

Erik Bergelin

  •  Erik Bergelin – Enterprise Account Manager, Magento, an Adobe Company


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