Magento launched the latest edition of Magento Enterprise 2.0 on June 23, 2016, with the promise of shifting more power into the hands of marketers and merchandisers to quickly and easily update content, marketing campaigns, and products in their digital storefronts. Let’s see what else the brand-new version has “in store” for store owners and brands!

Hit the Big Leagues with Increased Sales and Productivity

Magento praises the newest edition’s Content Staging and Preview feature, that makes staging, previewing and scheduling a wide range of rich content a simple task. The feature includes user-friendly tools, developed via thorough usability testing, that enhance efficiency and speed, while the new timeline dashboard enables a quick overview of all scheduled updates to deliver easier campaign management.

Enterprise Edition 2.1 allows merchants to preview edits across the web store by store view and date, and features links to staged content that can be shared with other users. It’s also possible to preview adjustments in checkout to ensure that sales and promotions work as anticipated. Finally, Magento’s latest Content Staging and Preview knocks it out of the ballpark with updates that are automatically published and removed according to scheduled times.


Grand Slam Conversion Rates

New PayPal upgrades simplify the checkout process by allowing customers to pay with PayPal without leaving your web store. PayPal Saved Credit Cards safely stores credit card information as well as repeat purchases.


Never Strike Out with PCI Compliance

Enterprise Edition 2.1 simplifies PCI Compliance with Hosted Fields that enable Braintree to safely obtain payment information directly from your website, so that the web store meets the basic level of PCI Compliance. Braintree only requires specific fields, so the you have full control over the rest of the checkout.


Grow Your Business with Heavy Hitter Scaling

Elasticsearch, a site search technology designed to grow conversion rates, is another perk included in the latest Enterprise Edition. The powerful search engine packs features such as out-of-the-box support for up to 33 languages, search synonyms, automatic “stop words,” and attribute weighting for best search results. The engine also manages large catalogs and is easily configurable, to allow for easy scaling.


Make the Management Experience a Home Run

The new-and-improved Magento Admin takes productivity to the next level with a turbo-charged search function, and search synonyms that are simple to activate across several sites. Revamped forms infuse speed and simplicity into creating new content, products, and categories.


Deploy into the Digital Skies

The new 2.1 edition is of course, available in the cloud, and removes all worry about site infrastructure. With a scalable, safe, and fully-customisable web store constructed in AWS (Amazon Web Services) and enhanced for performance and rapid deployments, you are free to focus on crafting a memorable user journey. Magento allows you to deploy your digital storefront in any environment, whether it’s hosted, cloud, or on-premises.


Step Up to the Plate

Visit the Magento blog for more information, and sign up for the 2.1 version webinar on July 12, 2016, here. If you would like to upgrade to Magento 2.1, contact the Vaimo sales team.