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Data management refers to collecting, storing, organizing, maintaining, and utilizing data to ensure its accuracy, completeness, security, and accessibility. It involves using various tools, techniques, and strategies to manage data throughout its lifecycle, from creation to disposal.

Effective data management is essential to make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. It involves establishing policies and procedures for data governance, data quality, data security, and data privacy. Data management also includes the use of data analytics and business intelligence tools to extract insights and value from data.

Our industry experts provide strategic guidance and support for designing, implementing, and operating the following types of data management: product information management, customer data management, and digital asset management.


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Product information management (PIM)

Imagine streamlining your business processes, enhancing customer experiences, and boosting sales all at the same time. That’s precisely what a good PIM system will do for you. A PIM system supports the complete process of creation, enrichment, planning, and release of product information in all necessary channels.

The key benefits of a PIM system:

  • Increased automation, which greatly reduces manual work and human error
  • Faster time to market, which gives your business a competitive edge
  • Increased conversion rates by providing customers with comprehensive and accurate product data
  • Increased trust and confidence in customers due to complete product data
  • Minimized returns, with well-informed customers
  • Better overview of performance, which makes it easier to identify trends and optimize strategies for long-term growth

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Customer data management

Want to make more informed decisions, optimize your operations, and enhance your customer experience? Look no further than CDM.  Customer data management (CDM) is the process of collecting, storing, organizing, and analyzing customer data. The goal of CDM is to create a single, unified view of the customer by collecting and integrating data from multiple sources.

The key benefits of customer data management:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers, such as demographic information, purchasing history, and behavior patterns
  • Improve customer engagement by identifying the most effective ways to engage with your customers, such as customized product recommendations and targeted messaging
  • Make better choices and improve overall strategy with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences
  • Increase efficiency by automating the process of collecting and analyzing customer data in a centralized customer data infrastructure
  • Create personalized marketing campaigns tailored to specific customer segments based on their preferences, purchase history, and behavior
  • Boost customer satisfaction by providing a better customer experience with the ability to personalize interactions with customers, anticipate their needs, and provide faster and more efficient service


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Digital asset management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a process of storing, organizing, and distributing digital assets such as images, videos, audio files, documents, and other types of media content. By managing digital assets effectively, you can reduce time spent on manual processes and minimize the risk of errors or inconsistencies in branding and messaging.

The key benefits of digital asset management:

  • Save time and improve productivity with a centralized repository for all digital assets
  • Ensure that all digital assets adhere to brand guidelines, reducing the risk of errors or inconsistencies in messaging and branding
  • Reduce the cost of creating, storing, and distributing digital assets by streamlining digital asset management processes
  • Deliver a more engaging and personalized customer experience by providing teams with access to the right digital assets at the right time
  • Enjoy a secure and centralized location for storing digital assets, reducing the risk of loss, theft, or unauthorized access
  • Grow your business with a scalable solution for managing an increasing volume of digital assets
  • Allow your teams to collaborate more effectively by sharing and reviewing digital assets in real-time


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A better experience with data management

Vaimo’s data management services are a perfect fit for you if this describes you or your future goals:

  • You want to improve business performance and make better-informed decisions based on data
  • You want to improve efficiency and reduce the time and resources needed to extract value from data
  • You want to ensure your data is accurate, consistent, and up-to-date
  • You want a deeper understanding of your customers with a single source of truth
  • You want the chance to personalize your marketing efforts that truly resonate with your customers
  • You want to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging your data more efficiently than competitors

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