Support services for your business

Before you can offer a great experience to your customers, your business needs to run seamlessly, smoothly, and lightly. That’s why many of our clients choose our support services.

While your sales depend on your website and applications running frictionlessly, you also must tend to your core business. By partnering with Vaimo for your support services, you ensure that experienced specialists help your teams thrive in their everyday tasks.

We are an experienced Zendesk partner specializing in implementation, integration, and providing full services around the platform.

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What are support services?

Our Support Services cover a range of areas aimed at providing comprehensive and in-depth support to your team members. These services are often expensive to implement in-house but are vital to the success of your business.

Our support services cover the following areas:

The benefits of support services at Vaimo

We provide reliable internal support for your teams, processes, and applications

We work with ticketing, Service Level Agreements, 24/7 reporting, and training.

We build and develop your customer support solution and help you manage the processes.

We train your employees and provide 24/7 support to them.

Enjoy improved platform uptime and reliability.

We ensure consistency and predictability via our support services.

We work with preventative and proactive monitoring.

You can rely on our quick query resolution by our experienced team of specialists.

We ensure the impact of system outages is minimized.

A better experience with support services

Our support services are a cost-effective solution for your need for 24/7 support. Increase your employee satisfaction with a supported, well-trained team that trickles into increased customer satisfaction.

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Helping businesses adopt new technologies is what we do at Vaimo. With extensive experience from hundreds of projects, we have developed the methodologies, frameworks, and accelerators that work – across technology, processes, and organizational capabilities.

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