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Success in ecommerce largely depends on the proper technical foundation. To do this, understanding the foundational processes and frameworks that are required to efficiently solve the innumerable challenges is what separates those that are truly successful, vs. the laggards.

Solution Development is the process of defining the first principle challenges that entail true digital transformation work, building the plans on how to solve them, defining & detailing the requirements needed to execute the plan, then building in fail safes to mitigate any issues in the process.

We can help you develop your strategies at the pace and in the scale that will best help your business grow, using our experience of over 400 ecommerce implementations. Every ecommerce business is unique, and we always tailor the process and solutions to your company’s specific needs. Every client gets a dedicated Business Solution Architect and project team to ensure continuity over time. This helps us understand the core of your business so that we can be proactive in working with you to help you reach your goals.

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Client-centric implementations

We put our customers first. This means we make our processes work for you and not the other way around. Developing ecommerce solutions is a complex undertaking, and often, the requirements and objectives change during the course of the project. We’re proud to have a 100% success rate on our projects, which means we’re always ready to adapt and adjust the course when needed. By focusing on the success of our clients, we build long-term partnerships and help our clients make sustainable growth plans.

We work diligently with our clients through the whole solution development process to build a scalable setup that will take you where you want to go. The process of developing and implementing new solutions contains many moving parts; the seven steps below give an overview of what it involves.


In the inception phase, we discover and define your need or pain point, and initiate the project. We explore your current situation in detail, and we define the goals of the project.

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Next, we identify the tasks in the pipeline, the tools missing from your tech stack, and how the different tools and platforms should integrate. We outline the scope of the project, and develop a timeline and a schedule.

Functional design03

During functional design we model the services, actions, and configurations you require. We design the automations and workflows, and we describe the interfaces and protocols for application integration.


Next, we build and test the technical design, code, and integrations. We develop documentation such as user guides, admin guides, and online manuals, and we forge a plan for data migration and scripts.

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We develop automated and manual test procedures to cover all of the functional requirements. We set up test environments with hardware, platform components, and applications. We deploy all solution components to the test environment. We perform tests, and we report and fix bugs.


Deployment involves setting up the production environment with the hardware, components, and applications needed. When that’s done, we deploy solution components to the production environment, and we migrate data from the legacy environment. Then we can begin training the users and admins.


With the project up and running, we begin the real work. We’re ready to help whenever you need updates, changes or expansions to your project, or support of any kind.

Technical excellence at the forefront

With over 14 years of experience in delivering a hybrid of near-shore and onshore services, we’ve built powerful frameworks and accelerator programs to help our clients reach their goals at record speed. Our focus is on creating scalable and user-friendly solutions that will enable you to grow your business without being hindered by technical limitations.

At Vaimo, we work with a limited set of selected cutting-edge technologies and platforms. We’ve chosen to work with the best technical tools and suppliers in the world, and in the process, we’ve become world-leading solution experts on those systems. This helps us provide a standardized yet customizable customer experience. Our deep technical understanding of all things ecommerce means we can provide support in all aspects of solution development.

Vaimo, a certified partner, has built strong strategic partnerships with the world-leading technical ecommerce tools, including, but not limited to:







All businesses are unique, and we can help you choose the right technical setup and combination of tools to help you reach your business goals. Choosing the right technology from the beginning will let you to scale your business quicker and is an essential step in maximizing your ROI.

A Solution Development Partner to Help You Grow

Implementing ecommerce solutions requires both strategic vision and hands-on skills. Choosing an experienced partner like Vaimo will significantly improve your results and speed up the implementation process.

To learn more or discuss the different opportunities or challenges we can help you solve, reach out to our team below.

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