On May 15th, Vaimo hosted partners, clients and friends for a breakfast seminar at our Stockholm headquarters to discuss the implications of AI and machine-learning on eCommerce.

The term AI is currently dominating the technology and eCommerce industries. Through collecting and analysing customer data, AI and machine learning have the power to both offer enhanced customer experiences and drive business growth.

But is AI something that all businesses can capitalise on? And where do you even begin with implementing an AI strategy? In the soon-to-be-released recording of the event, you’ll find out all the answers to the most burning questions surrounding AI.

In the meantime, however, let’s just recap some of the key takeaway points from the event:

  1. Why should we care as much as we do about AI? Because today’s consumers have extremely high expectations and demands. Uber, for example, has taken away the friction of getting from place A to place B. This personalised and frictionless Uber experience therefore sets the bar in terms of what customers expect from all modes of transportation. And it is AI that has made this possible. Consumers are now demanding more and more value for less effort because they know what an excellent customer experience feels like, argued PJ Utsi (COO at Vaimo). It’s vital, therefore, that businesses incorporate strategies and tools (such as AI) to create the experiences that customers want.
  2. How can a company get AI right then? Christer Enqvist (Head of Sales Nordics at Klevu) and Valter Andersson (Technical Solutions Manager at Nosto) agreed that, in the first instance, you have to get your dataset right and you must fully understand your keywords. And keywords with zero results are just as important as they can provide clues on what not to focus on.
  3. AI has become somewhat of a buzzword, but don’t just jump in head-first and start using its functionalities because it’s a trending topic. To understand your dataset, Karl Stone (Sales Manager EMEA at dotMailer) emphasised that you first need to set clear objectives and expectations; what is it exactly that you want to achieve by using AI?


With clear goals and a defined dataset, AI has the potential to provide serious value for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The most notable feedback we get from clients is their excitement at how AI and automatisation have the ability to free up resources which can be used in other areas of their business. This is just one small part of how AI and machine-learning can positively impact your business growth and operations.

To learn more about AI and how it can aid the growth of your business, then download our brand new AI white-paper and explore how Vaimo and our partners dotmailer, Nosto and Klevu are using it to deliver transformative results for eCommerce stores around the world.




On the stage for this event was PJ Utsi (CCO at Vaimo), Christer Enqvist (Head of Sales Nordics at Klevu), Valter Andersson (Technical Solutions Manager at Nosto) and Karl Stone (Sales Manager EMEA at dotMailer) with proceedings led by our moderator Anders Gränsmark (Key Account Manager at Vaimo).

Stay tuned for the full recording with even more discussion on how AI will change the future of eCommerce!


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