In the current business landscape, customers and store clerks have disappeared from storefronts. Do you have a virtual store clerk ready to help your potential client? To bring your brand, product, and service to customers, you must now go to them with conversational commerce.

With more individuals using online communication, conversational commerce has become the best way for businesses to interact with potential customers. Simply put, conversational commerce is eCommerce performed through conversation. This process occurs through various means (voice, chat, messaging) on various networks (Whatapps, Facebook Messenger, Instagram). Whether through a chatbot or a customer support representative on Facebook, conversational commerce puts the customer at your fingertips.

Why is conversational commerce important?

In David Cancel’s book on Conversational Marketing, he describes why conversational commerce became an essential part of the contemporary business world.

Product Information Became Free

In other words, social proof became the mainstay of many product pages. A notorious example is the customer review on Amazon, which often makes or breaks a business’s chance to sell their products. Customers can access this information anywhere, and if you don’t have it readily available, you risk falling behind.

Real-Time Information Became Expected

We carry the world in our pocket. Our phone holds endless pathways to numerous outlets: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, or traditional methods (email and telephone). The customer expects that your business can answer their questions whenever they arise by any means necessary.

Supply Became Infinite

Everyone wants to live by Peter Thiel’s maxim, “Competition is for losers.” However, most businesses are in a continuous struggle against the same bitter rivals. High-quality eCommerce sites have recently become the key to oust the competition by getting customers information when they need it through an omnichannel user experience. At Vaimo, we’ve helped firms like Jaguar, Champion, Helly Hansen, and Heineken achieve a competitive advantage by efficiently connecting their brand to their customers and with an artist’s touch.

To satisfy your clients before and after the sale, you need the right eCommerce platform and solution partners. We have teamed up with Gorgias to provide our expertise to you at this crucial moment.

Webinar: Online Conversational Commerce For Magento Stores

We’re hosting an interactive, virtual workshop on Conversational Commerce for Magento eCommerce leaders on October 20th 2020, 8.00 PM (EEST) who want to learn how to increase sales and conversions by influencing online shoppers’ purchasing decisions through chat, social media, and text.

Here are some of the questions we will expand on during the webinar:
  • What features are most important in supporting your eCommerce strategy?
  • 35% of shoppers have stated that they would be fine with never making an in-store purchase again. Is this the end of the physical storefront?
  • How do you visualize your brand online?
  • How can you reevaluate your channels, and do you have the capacity to do these things?
  • How do you use chat, text messaging, and social media comments to convert consumers?
  • How can you create high-converting chat campaigns?

The speakers:


Louis Lavedan

Louis is the Strategic Partner Manager for Gorgias EMEA. He used to work at Nosto, a personalization and recommendation solution for eCommerce, as Partner Manager. Louis has a particular love for tech and theatrical improvisation. During the webinar, he will expand on the myriad of ways that you can use conversational commerce to influence your customers’ journey with your company.



Brian Dearth

Brian has been in digital for over two decades and digital commerce since 2005. He has spent time on both the client side and the agency side of the “desk” serving as SVP Marketing, Chief Experience Officer, CMO, CDO and Chief Strategy Officer.

He has worked for one of the most iconic brands in children’s publishing/learning ($2b rev/ $350m online) a FORBES TOP Children’s Medical Charity ($200m) and one of the oldest specialty retailers in the US ($250m in-store / $250m online). Additionally, he helped scale one of the first and most well-known Digital Transformation Agencies in the world growing revenue almost tenfold, assisting clients to gain approval, and allocate over $1b in digital transformation capital and making the INC 500 fastest growing companies in the US three straight years.

At Vaimo Inc., he leads our Strategy and Growth practice helping ensure that clients’ business objectives are aligned to their commerce foundation, customer experience, and digital competency.

How Lunch & Learns Work:

The Gameplan

  • 15 min. presentation
  • 20 min. panel
  • 20 min. workshop session

We’re going to be sending lunch to everyone who attends our Lunch & Learn. You’ll receive a £25 UberEats Voucher Code on the webinar live chat. If you have any questions or know of a brand that might be interested in joining us, please email us at [email protected].