Detectify, a web security service, published a blog post on October 11th, 2017, titled “Is your Magento store vulnerable? Why it’s time to put security first” with input from experts at Magento agencies Divante and Vaimo. The article points out that as one of the most widely used platforms, Magento is very attractive to hackers; in fact, Detectify found that out of 30,000 of international Magento stores, a whopping 23% percent are failing to implement the most common ecommerce security features that leave them vulnerable to attacks.

According to Detectify, the most common Magento security risks are:

  • Missing HTTPS by default
  • Exposed admin panels
  • Third-party applications

Detectify advised to keep your Magento store out of harm’s way with these simple tips:

  • Keep your platform up-to-date
  • Push for security education
  • Establish a long-term security strategy

Our own CCO, PJ Utsi, was interviewed in the article about prepping for the GDPR:

“As we operate one of the most important sales channels for our clients, the discussion about GDPR and security is not new to us. We have worked with big clients who take security very seriously and that has taught us a lot.”

PJ continued in saying: “We are focusing on GDPR so that we can be compliant by May. Many companies rely on their suppliers and don’t realize how big of a job they have ahead of them.”

PJ concluded with: “Security is a never-ending story. You need to understand that you’re never done – you need to do ongoing work with security and do regular internal audits, reviews and tests on your site, something many companies forget.”

Find out more about security in Magento in the full article HERE, check out the exclusive video seminar about how hackers are able to attack your Magento store (on Detectify), and be sure to get in touch with us for more information.