Meet Magento Sweden 2017 took place a little while ago – May 30, 2017, to be exact. But it’s better to be late then never to recap this Magento-rific event! We joined over 250 attendees at the most northern Meet Magento event – in Stockholm, Sweden. Coincidentally, that’s where Vaimo headquarters are also located. 

Meet Magento Sweden kicked off at Münchenbryggeriet, the Brewery Conference Center in Stockholm, with a talk about the advantages of attending Meet Magento for merchants, developers and solution providers from organizers Thomas Goletz from the Meet Magento Association and Ben Marks from Magento Commerce. We heard about promising numbers for Magento 2 migration statistics (over 10,000 stores live on Magento 2!) and new developments for Meet Magento, such as plans to open 18 partner offices worldwide in the next year, including a Meet Magento China office in Shenzhen.


The attendees were treated to several points about expanded investment in Magento 2 engineering, such as:

  • New test framework
  • DevBox – Docker Quickstart for devs
  • Sustaining Engineering Dept + EQP
  • Community Engineering + Contribution Says
  • Functional localization
  • Community backlog

Magento 2.1 EE will also gain ElasticSearch support and improved staging features.

We were very happy to be featured prominently as a Magento partner in Sweden, along with our esteemed competitors. Our CCO, PJ Utsi, took the stage at the event to talk about his favourite topic: omnichannel and omnipresence in the eCommerce world. His core message is that merchants must be prepared to meet customers at every touchpoint, at any time – whether it’s customer support, browsing, or purchasing, and that all touch points need to be perfect.


Next, Magento evangelist Ben Marks shared advice about how to develop an eCommerce store that caters to an international audience; for example, a different country may be accustomed to an entirely different payment method.

As usual, the event was divided into a business track and a technical track, and our 4 Vaimoers eagerly attended as many as they could – you can find a full list of the speakers here. We heard an interesting talk from Fredrik Åhlén, CTO at Gymgrossisten, a top Scandinavian sports nutrition store, all about their migration from Askås to Magento.

Fredrik advised attendees to:

  • Have as few stakeholders as possible in the project
  • Keep the project scope down
  • Consider the go-live as only the beginning of your eCommerce journey
  • Train your staff but be prepared like you didn’t
  • Anticipate problems instead of testing all possible cases

Our Vaimo Key Acount Manager, Anders Gränsmark, said of the event “Personally, I most enjoyed meeting people from Magento (Ben Marks, Markus Wittich, Gareth Duignanm to name a few, and of course, other people from Magento since it doesn’t happen too often. It was also fun to see the huge community interest around Magento and their products – they have really managed to build a very impressive loyalty and almost a ”cult-like” relationship together with developers all over the world. I also think that the Meet Magento is more of a developer-kind of a event; it focuses more on the actual product and everything around it.”


Did you meet us at this event? If not, be sure to contact us if want to get in touch with your local Vaimo office!