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Meet Tommy Essenholm, Vaimo’s Head of Sales and Business Development, PIM

As Vaimo’s PIM expert extraordinaire, Tommy has worked with PIM systems for the better part of a decade. He thrives on connecting business clients with the right PIM system integration, so they can harness their product data to boost e-commerce sales. On why Vaimo began expanding their PIM offering, Tommy said, “With more than 40 enterprise PIM projects in our portfolio, we saw a need to streamline the product data migration process. We wanted to help companies with a PIM solution save time and energy when migrating their products to their commerce engine.”

Tommy has spearheaded the PIM growth at Vaimo, from the Vaimo PIM Connector product to managing our PIM partners, Akeneo and inriver.

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A well-integrated PIM system helps get your products to market faster, helps you expand to new markets quicker, and does all of that with 100% consistency across diverse channels. The result? A significant increase in conversion rates. Just ask our happy clients.

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We are strategic partners with Akeneo and we work with inriver, companies that are market leaders for PIM software and cross-channel commerce solutions.

To learn more and discuss the different opportunities, reach out to our team today. We look forward to helping you create outstanding customer experiences.

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