The South African Vaimo team recently hosted a Meet Magento Event in Johannesburg. The event welcomed over 50 delegates, who had come together to meet, network and share. We were pleased to welcome Katy Wilson and Sean McCarry from Magento, as well as Grant O’Connor from Adobe to the event, all who offered very insightful keynotes: Magento – Our Future into the South African Market as well as Magento 2.3 & Our Future with Adobe which granted South African clients a clearer understanding into what could be expected and anticipated in the future.

Paris Philippou from Edcon, Alexi Vontas from Coppertable, and Kevin Clarke & Rohan Visagie from the Vaimo team also offered valuable and thought-provoking presentations around eCommerce and optimisation.

Here are our key highlights and takeaways of the day:
  • Our Future into the South African Market – Sean McCarry & Katy Wilson, Magento
    • History of Magento Product Investment & Innovation
    • Magento Growth & Expansion
    • Magento Commerce & Why leading Companies Choose Magento
    • Taking Share in Key Segments
    • B2C & B2B Commerce Platforms


  • Driving Success with E-Commerce Psychology – Kevin Clarke, Vaimo
    • The 10 Principles of Persuasion
    • Endowed Progress
    • Sunk Cost Fallacy
    • Appointment Dynamic
    • Cognitive Load
    • Hedonic Adaptation
    • Reciprocity Principle
    • Collective Opinion
    • Master Authority
    • Scarcity Urgency
    • Humour Theory

IMG_5601 copy

  • Digital Transformation – Paris Philippou, Edcon
    • Digital Transformation
    • The Need to Transform Edcons’ Ecommerce Journey


  • Mobile Site UX Optimisation – Rohan Visagie, Vaimo
    • The importance of mobile
    • Traffic shifting towards mobile
    • Speed, design & content – key to success

IMG_5610 copy

  • Digital Marketing Trends – Alexi Vontas, Coppertable
  • 2019 Digital marketing trends:
    • Everything should already be mobile first
    • Rethink your digital audience nurturing strategy
    • Know what success looks like to your brand – set targets accordingly
    • Exhaust the bottom-of-the-funnel & move up
    • Define your audiences better & treat them individually
    • Evolve your brand
    • Prepare for the day
    • Data is free

Adobe Magento Event

  • The Future with Adobe – Sean McCarry & Katy Wilson, Magento
    • Magento Commerce Cloud – Part of Adobe Experience Cloud
    • Magento 2.3 : Recent Functionality Enhancements:
      • Sales Channels
      • Page Builder
      • Progressive Web Apps ( PWAs)
    • Magento / Adobe Product Integration Roadmap
      • Adobe Target – Marketing Cloud
      • Adobe Analytics