AEM – your complete set of tools to create, manage, and deliver digital experiences across channels

This guide from Adobe gives you a good understanding of Adobe Experience Manager application capabilities and how it can help your organization to deliver connected and compelling digital experiences across the customer journey, increase customer engagement, and drive demand.

You will learn about the key capabilities of AEM, such as:

  • Digital asset management and rich media delivery
  • Content Services for mobile, Singe Page Applications (SPAs), Internet of Things (IoT), and Application Programming Interface (APIs)
  • Web and mobile experiences management with analytics and personalization
  • Digital enrolment and customer communications
  • In-venue screens
  • Cloud agility and scale
  • Powerful ecosystem for digital transformation

You will also learn what return on investment different companies are seeing after implementing Adobe Experience Manager in their organization. Learn more from the guide, and don’t hesitate to contact your closest Vaimo office to discuss how Adobe Experience Manager can help your business deliver compelling digital experiences across every channel.



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