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What’s inside

How to use AI to enhance your customer service and the overall CX (customer experience).
• How to maintain authenticity while putting AI to use in your content strategy.
How to wade through data management trends and use AI and a PIM system to create efficient, personalized shopping experiences.
How to collect customer data in a cookieless world and use it to create personalized experiences–with a little help from CDPs (customer data platforms) and AI.
How to pick and choose the best digital commerce trends for your business in 2024.

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How to incorporate AI into your digital business

“AI is becoming a regular part of every tool and platform, helping online businesses work smarter. To make the most of this, keep an eye on what updates vendors are making and try out new features cautiously.

If you’re considering AI for your digital business, focus on where your company does things differently or faces unique challenges. For instance, B2B companies that deal with specific complexity for products that fit together, or a paint distributor wanting AI to predict what sells in specific regions.”


Henrik Feld-Jakobsen, Chief Strategy Officer, Vaimo

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Meet our partners

The Digital Trends Report is Vaimo’s annual report from leading digital service and product providers. Each thought leader has insight from their field and offers a forecast for the coming year. Below, you’ll discover the industry leaders who provided the knowledge for our report.

  • Vaimo – Expert in digital commerce and experience
  • Akeneo – Product information management
  • commercetools – Leading commerce solution built on MACH
  • Contentful – Leading composable content platform
  • VueStorefront – Frontend as a service for headless commerce
  • Zendesk – Customer service and engagement platform


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