Streamline your global eCommerce expansion

Scores of shoppers have flocked online due to COVID-19, purchasing products outside their local market. The movement online also coincides with a long-term growth rate for cross-border sales.

FNF research found that cross-border sales have an annual compound growth rate of 27%. Yet, cross-border eCommerce only makes up 22% of global ecommerce transactions, according to Statista. Therefore, there’s a major upside to cross-border ecommerce sales. With international ecommerce in its infancy, your investment in a multi-country site or testing the waters on global marketplaces can put your products in front of new customers.

In this checklist, we will approach all the main points to keep in mind when developing a digital commerce strategy to sell cross-borders. Below we outline 19 things to consider during an international ecommerce roll-out.

Not only giving you a step-by-step checklist but also detailing what needs to be considered and what you should avoid during your journey.

Main topics in the checklist:

Vaimo has assisted brands across our 15+ markets and over 400 eCommerce implementations. We’ve worked with companies that have taken the world by storm, such as Heineken, Champion, Helly Hansen, and many more, on their way to successful ecommerce sales across borders and continents.

Let’s get a preview of what you’ll find in this checklist:

  • Strategy & Research
  • Technical
  • Marketing
  • Operational
  • Financial
  • Legal


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