Prepare for the Ecommerce Peak Sales Season

GIosg and Vaimo share industry insights, tools, and knowledge for you to succeed in the busiest sales period of the year.

In this turbulent year, the 2020 peak sales season could surpass all previous sales records. A large proportion of retailers already saw Black Friday-like results after COVID-19 hit. In the US, eCommerce shopping levels from April to May 2020 were 7% higher than what retailers saw during from November to December 2019.

The uneasiness among customers puts more pressure on eCommerce websites to operate at peak performance. From Halloween to Valentine’s Day, the keystone to your eCommerce strategy is delivering a seamless online customer experience.

How can you ensure an optimized and prepared eCommerce website for the peak sales season? How can you increase your market share, delight customers, and prevent cart abandonment? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll give you tips to prepare your eCommerce site for the fast-approaching holiday season of 2020.


What our guide covers:

  • Learn from last year
  • Gamify your seasonal promotions
  • Stand out with interactive ads
  • Personalize your shopping experience
  • Optimize for conversions with AI
  • A/B test your offers
  • Power up your customer service
  • Automate FAQs
  • Think mobile
  • Data, data, data




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