The pimometer insights report

In this report, we’ll be exploring the results of some key PIM-related questions from Vaimo’s PIM survey tool, the PIMometer. We’ll also share insights and tips from experts at Vaimo and Akeneo so that you have actionable advice to help you on your PIM journey.

The report focuses on the areas of ‘Supply’, ‘Enrich’ and ‘Publish’ processes around product information management.

  • Supply – Efficiently managing product data coming from suppliers
  • Enrich – Being more efficient on the key elements of enrichment: adding descriptions, adding tech information, categorising products and translating product content
  • Publish – Making sure that a PIM actually serves eCommerce goals

The pimometer

Vaimo’s PIMometer first started out as an internal tool to educate our teams about PIM and its beneficial role in centralising data and creating a single source of truth. But it also identified those businesses and those cases where PIM might not be the appropriate solution.

Soon it became obvious to us that many companies were asking the same questions — What is PIM? Should we implement PIM? And how will it actually help us? Therefore we rolled out the survey to the public.

If you fill out the PIMometer, we’ll be able to tell you whether or not a PIM solution is suitable for your company’s goals and future trajectory. We’ll also be able to provide concrete reasons for our recommendation.



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