Vaimo’s Pre-study service

The Pre-Study Service is perfectly suited for you if you are considering investing in an ecommerce solution.

During the Pre-Study, we conduct a preliminary investigation of your company’s online shopping needs, mapping current customer behavior, competitive landscape, and digital trading trends.

Using the gathered information, we initiate an ideation process to tailor the most suitable solution for your company’s requirements. This includes considerations for your business model, platform, and technological recommendations, all customized to your unique needs.

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Why choose Vaimo's pre-study service


Navigating different solution models and service providers can be challenging, not to mention selecting the best approach for your own company. We specialize in mapping out the best practices and tools tailored to your needs.


We carefully seek out the best solutions for your company with deep expertise, all while maintaining efficiency! The pre-study service typically takes approximately 3-6 weeks.


Even if you use our pre-study service, it doesn't obligate you to use our other services. While we are confident that our solutions are truly the best in the industry, you have full freedom to choose your next steps.

Pre-study stages

Image showing Vaimo Pre-Study process

Investigate and observe

We begin the pre-study with an investigation and observation phase. Our primary objective in this stage is to formulate a cohesive plan and gain a deep understanding of your requirements, along with those of your customers, and any existing problem areas.

The goal is to create a unified understanding of current customer behavior, market dynamics, and applicable trends in digital commerce. At the same time, we assess your strategic, organizational, and technical standing.

Each of these actions offers concrete results that clarify the current situation and provide clear objectives ​​for all project stakeholders.

photo of smiling vaimo employee behind her computer

Define and plan

We continue with the define and plan phase.

At this stage, we use the information obtained to come up with solutions that are user-centric, technically achievable, and economically sound.

Our ideation process is rooted in the observations and data gathered in the initial stage, forming the basis for crafting a solution model. This model encompasses a business framework, platform suggestions, and tool recommendations.

Upon defining the solution, we conduct an analysis to identify gaps in technical and organizational capabilities. Additionally, we develop an impact-driven roadmap and offer budgetary recommendations for implementation.

Image of Vaimo employees looking at laptop together.

Goals and timeline


The objective of the pre-study is to gain a clear understanding of the company's present circumstances, requirements, and objectives, and to formulate a tailored and comprehensive solution model and roadmap.


The pre-study typically lasts for approximately 3-6 weeks.

After pre-study

After completing the pre-study, it’s time to present its findings along with the roadmap and budget recommendations for implementation. Should your company decide to partner with Vaimo for your ecommerce solution, we’ll proceed with a more detailed plan. Subsequent steps may involve concept and UX design, project implementation, integrations, and testing.

How Vaimo can help

Our experienced team, which consists of multidisciplinary experts, works in the various stages of pre-study. Experts from both the commercial, consulting and technical side bring their expertise and vision, ensuring an excellent end result from both a business and user perspective.

Both as a team and as a service provider, our values ​​include open communication. It is important for us to keep the customer up to date from the beginning to the end of the project and to act as an approachable partner at every stage of the joint journey.

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We individually prepare the most suitable solutions for your company’s needs, both in terms of business model and platform, as well as tool recommendations.

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