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The Foundations for Success

Prior to working with Vaimo, I.L.U. had a basic eCommerce site which did not provide the scalability and functionality needed for growth. I.L.U. wanted a fresh approach and a new eCommerce site which would build the foundations for digital expansion. Previously, Vaimo had already delivered successful solutions for other brands in the same group (Kaubamaja and Selver). Aware of these projects, I.L.U. approached Vaimo to replicate this success for its online store.

eCommerce Case study I.L.U



The Solution

Immersive Purchasing Experiences

Vaimo delivered a responsive and easy to navigate site that incorporates rich visuals for an immersive purchasing experience. A new filtering system and use of swatches have transformed the I.L.U. customer experience, allowing users to get an instant and real-time view of their chosen products. Graphics, designed by Vaimo’s UX Team, are displayed at every part of the user journey. This not only helps customers in their purchasing decision but consistently reinforces the I.L.U. brand at every step. Content, via the new blog management system, is also used to drive traffic and conversions. Elsewhere, Vaimo implemented payment and delivery integrations, allowing customers the option to pick up in store for a true omnichannel experience. And running through the heart of the project is Kaubamaja Group’s loyal customer card—Partnerkaart. Customers can log in with their Partnerkaart card for personalised I.L.U. offers and campaigns. This is crucial for growing brand loyalty, trust and ultimately sales.

A Strong Partnership

In just 400 hours, Vaimo delivered a site which has had a large and tangible impact on the cosmetics brand. Indeed, in a recent financial report, Tallinna Kaubamaja Group highlighted the success of the new I.L.U. eCommerce store as part of the group’s overall success (2018 sales saw a combined group total of €681.2 million—a YoY increase of 4.6%). I.L.U. and Vaimo have built up a healthy collaboration over the course of the project. Lines of communication are strong and I.L.U. is in close contact with Vaimo regarding updates and new features. Vaimo is looking forward to continuing partnering with I.L.U. in growing its online sales and performance. The team will be looking at methods and strategies to constantly improve and finetune the site for digital commerce success.


“The solution developed by Vaimo for I.L.U. eCommerce has made an immense difference compared to our previous webpage. It’s given us the possibility to sell our whole assortment and create a more user-friendly homepage, where we can also create more content that will be interesting for all our users – tips and tricks how to use products, videos and advertorial posts of beauty novelties etc. All content regarding products is now automated and integrated between our stores’ warehouse program AX. Since the first days of launch, we have received only positive feedback on the page design and UX, from our cooperation partners, brand representatives and clients.”

Inga Berkovitch

Marketing Manager

Defining the Future

I.L.U.’s immediate objectives for the future centre on keeping the I.L.U. brand strong and top-of-mind for its clients. The business will focus on delivering more value for its loyal customers and will target new customers to bring them to I.L.U. stores. To attract younger customers, I.L.U will pay greater attention to this demographic’s needs with a strong focus on content and social media. All in all, I.L.U’s overriding ambition is to keep growing its eCommerce capabilities and its physical stores for sustained future commerce success.

eCommerce Case study I.L.U

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