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Scalable eCommerce solution

When SLO turned to Vaimo in 2016, the B2B giant ran on an 8 year-old legacy order system and SLO wanted a scalable, agile platform that would allow for configurable B2B functionality as well as B2C elements, like upselling and cross-selling. SLO also wanted a modern platform in order to manage content and offer better SEO visibility. The extensive amount of products and attributes demanded a robust new solution that could offer a number of tailored solutions from the ground up.

Vaimo SLO
SLO & Vaimo - eCommerce site on Magento




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The solution

B2B digital transformation

Vaimo Finland unleashed a first-of-its-kind behemoth B2B solution on Magento 2 to deliver a fast site, supporting 150,000 SKUs and 13,000 product attributes. The team customised the new Vaimo Search Module powered by Elasticsearch with unique filters on search and category pages to refine the search results. The responsive, Vaimo-hosted solution, allows staff to easily manage content and campaigns via Vaimo CMS and delivers a 360-degree customer experience by merging B2B with B2C.

“We wanted an eCommerce solution partner that would manage the unmanageable and construct a huge amount of B2B functions for us that would help our customers make purchases more easily. Vaimo took on the challenge and put Magento 2 to work to handle large custom B2B needs for us and our customers.”

Matti Ala-Nikkola

Digital Business Development Manager

A challenge accepted

At the beginning of 2016, Vaimo Finland’s Co-Founder and Partner, Janne Sävy, attended a Finnish eCommerce fair. During a presentation by an eCommerce consultant, it was noted that Magento could not support complex customised B2B sites, such as SLO. With that challenge set, Vaimo began a Discovery phase with SLO in April 2016. Vaimo worked in overdrive to ensure that the B2B solution would work smoothly and at lightning speed despite the overload of attributes, products, and individual pricing. For the first time, a colossal amount of customer prices are managed by Magento – 7 million customer prices imported daily.

SLO & Vaimo - eCommerce site on Magento

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