Eliminate the dilemma of sacrificing user experience or upgrading your store – untether your frontend from SAP Commerce Cloud with Alokai! Enhance the customer experience while keeping SAP as your preferred platform.

Reduce development time by half and seamlessly integrate third-party solutions. Harness the full potential of SAP CC with a modern, high-performance frontend solution, all at a lower risk and cost compared to custom development.

Discover the simplicity of upgrading your ecommerce infrastructure with Alokai. Reach out to our experts and uncover how you can:

  • Expedite time-to-value, launching your online store in as little as 50% less time.
  • Safeguard the shift to a composable architecture, minimizing risks along the way.

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What is Alokai?

Alokai is a cutting-edge, framework-agnostic Frontend-as-a-Service solution that revolutionizes how online stores are built and experienced. It is available for Vue.js and React.js, popular JavaScript frameworks, as its foundation to create highly interactive and responsive user interfaces. This means you will need a separate backend –such as SAP Commerce Cloud. Whether you want to go headless or composable with your ecommerce solution is your choice.

Alokai delivers a seamless and app-like user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Alokai’s approach not only leads to improved performance and responsiveness but also enables functionalities like offline browsing. Its platform-agnostic nature sets Alokai apart, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with various ecommerce backend systems.

Alokai also emphasizes flexibility and customization. It provides a foundation for tailoring your online store’s look, feel, and functionality to align perfectly with your brand and business requirements.

With Alokai, you’re not only getting a state-of-the-art ecommerce platform but also a forward-thinking solution that adapts to the evolving needs of modern online commerce.

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Alokai + SAP: Less costs, more growth

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Expandable with modules

Adjust business logic, align with UI themes, and easily integrate additional features such as Quick Order

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Simplified global expansion

Deploy new stores across different countries and currencies to extend your international presence

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Change backend systems

Transition your backend seamlessly when the time is right, without impacting your frontend or user experience

How Alokai works with SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud is a dynamic cloud-based ecommerce platform offered by SAP, a leading force in enterprise software solutions. SAP CC provides a complete package –a frontend and a backend. However, you can use the SAP Commerce Cloud backend with a separate frontend.

To use Alokai with SAP Commerce Cloud, you simply integrate Alokai as the frontend layer while SAP Commerce Cloud serves as the backend. Your leap into headless or composable is really as easy as that!

With Alokai and SAP Commerce Cloud, you can have the best of both worlds. With Alokai as the frontend and SAP Commerce Cloud as the ecommerce engine, you’ll get the flexibility to provide your customers with the experiences they expect.

Why choose Alokai?

Frontend-as-a-service: Select a tried-and-tested frontend solution for crafting tailored storefronts at a fraction of the cost and time.

Lightning-speed performance: Boost website speed to attain impressive conversion rates and revenue growth.

API-centric approach: Establish a pliable and expandable ecommerce ecosystem through seamless API integrations.

Cutting-edge progressive web app: Implement the PWA strategy for crafting mobile-centric experiences and achieving superior web performance.

Alokai is a great fit for your SAP Commerce Cloud solution if the following describes you:

  • Feel that SAP Storefront does not provide the adaptability and customization options you want;
  • You’ve already invested in SAP Commerce Cloud;
  • Want to try composable architecture without a complete structural overhaul.

Benefits of choosing Alokai + SAP Commerce Cloud

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