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Navigating the world of composable can seem complex and intimidating. It can seem like getting lost in the woods without a map, compass, or guide. The commercetools accelerator is your flashlight, manual, and roadmap to tackling composable commerce.

We’ve spent countless hours selecting, testing, and making sure all the components work together perfectly – so you don’t have to. This doesn’t mean you can’t switch up some of the pieces – but it gives you a strong foundation and a reliable platform for your MACH-based composable strategy.


What is the commercetools accelerator?
The commercetools accelerator is an accelerator package using the commercetools platform to help you take your composable strategy to market fast.

It is built through an agile approach with a pre-set configurable baseline that allows for a unified offering from commercetools and Vaimo at a market-competitive cost.

Who is a great fit for commercetools accelerator?

The Accelerator catapults your organization to a composable ecommerce solution. While composable architecture is a great way to organize your technology stack, it is not the only choice. For smaller companies with a straightforward business model, investing in a composable solution is a significant investment. Generally, we recommend the Accelerator for medium to large organizations with more complex business models.

The commercetools accelerator is the right fit for you in the following scenarios:

  • A business with a marketplace operation
  • A manufacturer that produces complex equipment
  • A large, internationally operating brand
  • A company within the telecommunications, finance, or automotive industry
  • A company that is an advanced multi-channel seller
  • A company that provides IoT-based services

The Accelerator is a great choice for large companies that can’t allow their system architecture to slow down innovation. The Accelerator fits organizations with ambitious omnichannel goals and a vision of connecting all sales channels or companies that want to focus on creating competitive digital services.

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Built on the Vaimo Launchpad

The Vaimo LaunchPad provides a solid platform for your MACH-based composable strategy. The Vaimo LaunchPad covers the following four arenas:

  • A composable architecture foundation with boundary-breaking technology
  • Services and integrations to enable data flow between systems
  • A DevOps baseline to empower technical teams to onboard rapidly
  • Accelerators and technical best practices to expedite the implementation process


What’s in it for you?

By going composable, you are future-proofing your business with the flexibility and scalability needed to keep up with changing consumer trends and behavior.

Building your online store with an agile approach with a pre-set configurable baseline guarantees a fast time to market, at a market-competitive cost. This saves you time and money.

Finally, the Accelerator is our quickest way to get your online store into the composable arena. A normal development cycle without the Accelerator will take 15+ sprints, but our Launchpad-powered Accelerator gets you there in 8 short sprints.

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Our Accelerator acts like Legos that we assemble fast to create a solid structure for your online business. The Accelerator catapults your organization into the composable commerce arena with pre-built modular architecture using best-of-breed technology.

Charles Heal, Commercial Director, Vaimo


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Save time

Choosing each Lego block in your dream composable solution takes time. The Accelerator jumpstarts your journey with a solid, tested foundation.



Save money

Our Accelerator gives you the benefit of market leaders working together to build your composable solution quickly–at market-competitive costs.



Scale for the future

With a composable foundation, you can easily extend, replace, and subtract components and microservices based on your growth and needs.


What’s included in the Accelerator?

  • A composable architecture foundation with the commercetools platform at the core
  • Vaimo’s advanced connectors
  • A DevOps baseline to help technical teams get up and running quickly
  • Accelerators and technical best practices to facilitate rapid implementation
  • Hand-selected partners that are experts in the composable architecture field
  • Microservice architecture that we constantly improve
  • A market-competitive price that saves you money
  • A complete composable commerce solution in just 8 short sprints


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The benefits of the commercetools accelerator

  • Adaptable and scalable: The world’s leading commerce platform from commercetools supports tailored experiences and grows with you
  • Quicker to market: Speed up the implementation time for your composable solution
  • Reduce custom work: Decrease the need to customize with our pre-built connectors
  • Pre-built services, integrations, and connectors: Launch quicker with reliable components from Vaimo
  • Data strategy: Vaimo’s data strategy plan is customized to your solution
  • Exceptional site performance: Expect reliable performance even with peak traffic
  • Inspirational UX & UI: Deliver memorable customer experiences with the latest technology
  • Safety first: The Accelerator is built by seasoned experts with 14+ years of experience in ecommerce
  • Hand-picked partners: Work with the best of the best with our pool of leading partners
  • Continuous innovation: We constantly improve our systems, so you always have access to state-of-the-art technology


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commercetools is the world’s leading commerce platform built on modern MACH Principles (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-Native, and Headless) and allows you to work with your commerce solution and create tailored customer experiences.

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