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The sheer volume of content we need to create and maintain has grown exponentially today. Content for online stores used to be limited to simple content like informational pages and blog posts, but now, good customer experiences depend on rich, inspirational content. It’s beyond what’s on your website; it’s your FAQ section, your monthly newsletter, your social media blurbs, or wherever your customers meet you. Channel expansion with more devices, markets and touchpoints have all increased the complexity of ecommerce content.

You must be able to orchestrate unique, quality content across channels to create a seamless content experience.

What is a content strategy?

A content strategy is a plan for producing, releasing, and managing content in an organized and efficient manner. It helps to make sure that the content is in line with the objectives of the organization and meets the requirements of the intended audience. Generally, a content strategy includes a content schedule, editorial standards, and a plan for disseminating and promoting the content.

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Content strategy drives sales & growth


How can content increase traffic?

  • Organic search?
  • Paid search?
  • Social and word of mouth?
  • Stores?


Content can boost traffic by…

  • Improving SEO and driving organic traffic
  • Creating better landing pages for ads
  • Making it easier to create relevant content on social and email
  • Helping connect digital and physical


How can content increase conversion?
How can we help visitors:

  • Stay longer?
  • Engage more?
  • Visit again?
  • Make a purchase?


Content can boost conversion by:

  • Increasing the time spent on a site with interesting content
  • Increasing engagement
  • Increasing return visits
  • Building interest and trust


How can content increase retention?
How can we make existing customers:

  • Buy again?
  • Spread the word?
  • Become more loyal and part of the tribe?


Content can boost retention by:

  • Improving the general flagship experience (to mimic brick & mortar per city/market)
  • Providing stories and tales to share with friends
  • Giving the tribe an on-site experience to gather around

How does a content strategy help drive traffic to your website?

Organic SEO

Relevant and unique content increases your website’s ranking for SEO purposes (search engine optimization). Search engines also look at overall engagement, such as sharing, likes and comments. Google’s ranking systems aim to reward original, high-quality content that demonstrates the following: expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness.

Landing pages & paid search

A good content strategy allows you to create successful and unified templates between all your channels. It also empowers you to make dynamic and personalized landing pages that can reduce bounce rates.

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Social media

Using well-mastered content helps streamline the feeling between social content and the purpose of your website. A clear content strategy between social and ecommerce will let you run combined objectives and allow the objectives to promote one another. For example, videos are shared 1200% more than text and image mediums combined.

Unified content between digital and physical channels

Your customer should not feel a difference between your various channels; it should feel like one true brand experience. For example, “how to” videos can drive traffic to your website by extending the customer experience after their purchase in a physical store.

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How does a content strategy increase conversion?

Good content grabs attention and creates a cross-story. Customers have to be immersed in your brand experience to increase their chances of making a purchase. This can be done by creating different content around products, like reviews, how-to’s, testing, testimonials, events, and more.

Crafting stories through content will create excitement around your brand and products. Excitement and exclusivity are great ways to convert.

If you’re able to consistently update and create new content, visitors will naturally come back to see what’s new or relive the great experience you provide to them.

Engaging content can keep visitors on your website longer and encourage them to interact with your brand.

Become the authority on a topic and offer advice, or create a highly inspirational space. Whatever angle you choose, when you build trust and credibility, you become more established and trusted on the market.

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How does a content strategy increase retention?

It Improves the general flagship experience: Good content helps promote a unified experience and allows customers to find the same feeling at every touchpoint. As a result, customers live an end-to-end immersive experience.

It provides stories and tales to share with friends: Customers want to share ideas, not only products. Be part of their lives by providing things they can spread. Spotify Wrapped is a great example of how a brand experience becomes a talking point and even a cultural phenomenon.

It gives the tribe an on-site experience to gather around: People outside a circle always want to find a way in. Your customers are your best communication channel; give them the tools to go expand your brand name.

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The benefits of a content strategy

We help you produce content that converts. Here’s how a content strategy will benefit your business:

+ A content strategy helped you set and reach goals. It allows you to identify low-hanging fruit, plan your work efficiently, and ensure your marketing efforts are goal-driven.

+ A content strategy helps you track your progress. By following and measuring benchmarks, you can understand the results of your marketing initiatives.

+ A content strategy helps you identify new opportunities and align efforts to take advantage of them.

+ A content strategy saves you money by ensuring that all content is created with purpose and for a target audience. Working without a content strategy means marketing efforts often lose sight of the bigger picture.

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How Vaimo can help

A content strategy will help you:

  • Bridge the gap to unified commerce
  • Grow your revenue
  • Improve your overall brand experience
  • Reach new customers
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Take your launches to new heights

At Vaimo, we’re experience-driven strategists that help you define a content strategy that’s integrated into the full customer journey. Our 15+ years of experience working with ecommerce companies means we know what converts, and how to optimize content for SEO purposes.

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