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Agrinet’s previous legacy platform had a number of limitations which were hampering the company’s growth. Firstly, the platform was not integrated with Agrinet’s ERP system, which meant that changes were being made manually, wasting valuable time in the process. The overall user experience was also suffering as Agrinet’s team was not able to promote its offering in a visually engaging way. Other key issues included poor site security and SEO functionality, plus the cost and difficulty in implementing new functions on the site. Agrinet needed a fresh upgrade and wanted to be the first to market with a world-class B2B eCommerce solution that would provide B2B clients with highly personalised and hassle-free, B2C purchasing experiences. The new eCommerce solution would also need to cater for Agrient’s two distribution centres, accommodate its various client/order types and be scalable for both B2B and B2C brands. Agrinet’s vision for the new site was to make it stand out as the first point of buying reference for customers in the industry—and to leverage innovative features and technologies to engage them across the whole purchasing journey.

Agrinet B2B ecommerce website by Vaimo
Agrinet B2B ecommerce website by Vaimo

Increase in Sales

Increase in New Visitors

Increase in Average Session Duration (return visitors)

Comparing Oct 2017—Jan 2018 against Oct 2018—Jan 2019.

The Solution

Digital Transformation

The Vaimo team delivered a redesigned and fully integrated Magento Enterprise eCommerce site, transforming Agrinet’s online presence in the process. Vaimo developed various customised and integrated functions which are collated on a client dashboard to improve the online B2B buyer experience. Clients now have their own pricing files and the site also benefits from stock status and out of stock indicators—all of which serve to give clients greater autonomy on the site. From an internal perspective, the new eCommerce solution caters for Agrinet’s two distribution locations and their associated products. And to address the need for streamlined experiences, three different order methods and journeys have been created—cash customer, export customer and account customer. The result is a pioneering eCommerce solution, packed with features and developed with the modern-day B2B customer in mind.

Collaboration for Success

Agrinet needed an experienced partner that could guide them every step of the way in delivering a large scale B2B eCommerce project. From the off, Agrinet and Vaimo worked closely together in mapping out all the functions and identifying risks and technical requirements to deliver on the project. Vaimo took a very active role in each step of the project from ideation, UX design and mapping all the way through to implementation and beyond.

Agrinet B2B ecommerce website by Vaimo

“At the time we were looking for alternatives, Magento was relatively new to the South African market. We knew we needed a great partner with proven expertise in working with the platform as we were looking at a lot of customisation.”

Alichia Mentz

Marketing Manager

The Vision

Agrinet’s vision for its B2B eCommerce store is to continually improve the online buying experience and to migrate as many clients as possible to this buying channel. Improvement for Agrinet means creating content and information-rich personalised experiences for its various buyer segments, enhancing its product merchandising, offering self-help functionality and introducing omnichannel ordering and fulfilment for a comprehensive digital experience.


Features Implemented

Optimised search functionality

B2B Quick Order

ERP integration linked to multiple warehouses

Multiple pricing files

Historic Orders via Client Dashboard

Customisable PDF catalogues

Order by range/search and select by range

Back Order Indicator


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