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Scalable eCommerce platform

Alas-Kuul’s first online solution was a customised platform, which soon proved ineffectual in the long run. As a B2B business, Alas-Kuul needed a platform that would provide adequate support and updates for growth. The company first switched to WordPress to power their online store, but the enormous amount of products weighed down the platform. The web store lacked speed and exhibited issues with search. The B2B company needed a fast, efficient solution and a partner with the capacity to deliver the requested functionality in the agreed-upon time frame and budget. The project began with Vaimo in August 2016.

Alas-Kuul & Vaimo site
Alas-kuul & Vaimo Magento site

Increase in new users

Increase in revenue

Increase in number of transactions

Increase in mobile traffic

Comparing Sept - Dec 2017 to Apr - Mar 2017

The solution

Customised B2B solution

Vaimo launched Alas-Kuul’s new B2B/B2C web presence in April 2017 on the Magento platform with customised features fit for a B2B giant and the user experience of a B2C shop. Vaimo implemented Consignment Stock, a feature that allows customers to stockpile a personal supply of products. The login, search, and payment features all ensure that B2B customers can easily locate products, order them, and choose specific delivery methods. In the future, Alas-Kuul plans to scale the business to include the other Baltic countries.

“Vaimo has been nothing but professional, and has kept every promise they made to us. Our relationship consists of constructive dialogue, and we feel very satisfied. We’re also very happy with the results; when we need something it’s always solved, and always in the time frame and budget that we are promised.”

Indrek Orro


Alas-kuul & Vaimo site
Alas-kuul & Vaimo site

A closer look at features

Because Alas-Kuul customers purchase spare components that they constantly need on hand, Vaimo implemented the fully customised Consignment Stock feature, which allows a customer to keep a personal backup supply of products on their own premises that they can utilise at their disposal. Once they “withdraw” from their stockpile, they login and notify Alas-Kuul, who bills them for the products used and keeps tabs via their ERP system to ensure the stock is replenished. It’s an efficient system which ensures that products are always available for customers in their personal warehouse. This means that customers no longer have to worry about replenishing stock—often a huge headache for B2B buyers.

Alas-kuul eCommerce site

Features implemented

  • Consignment Stock
  • B2C Sales
  • User Hierarchy
  • Multi Shipment Consolidation
  • Multiple Requisition List
  • Multi Option Filter
  • Integration with Maksekeskus (payment service provider
  • Integration with ERP ERPLY
  • Navigation / Store Locator
  • Quote Inquiry

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